Blast Off With These Futuristic Erotic Romances

If you’ve enjoyed your fair share of contemporary erotic tales filled with dominant businessmen, younger temptresses and BDSM and you’re ready to expand your erotica horizons, we know just where to send you — into the abyss with these recently released erotic romances feature space-set sex scenes, futuristic love stories and a heaping dose of magic. So gear up for these four stories, all available for download now!


Illicit Desire
by Tina Donahue

The story: After being freed from a life of sexual slavery, Lukan must leave behind his lover Arez. Determined to rescue her, he enlists quantum physicist Nikoli to help him create a portal in order to liberate Arez from the Pleasure Palace on Earth’s fourth dimension, where a doom unknown to her awaits. But their journey won’t be easy with a pack of supernatural predators desperate to take them down!

Why it’s out of this world: A space mission that spans across Earth’s various dimensions led by a hunky man set on rescuing his woman? This hot tale is filled with enough fast-paced action to satisfy even the most finicky sci fi romance readers.



Dark Dealings
by Kim Knox

The story: Ava Kalle is a thief who — unfortunately for her victims — robs individuals of magical powers by consuming their flesh. When she loses the man she loves to another woman, she turns to Heyerdar, an elemental willing to help her conjure dark magic in order to win her man back. However, Ava can only access Heyerdar’s magic through his sexual energy, bringing their relationship to a whole new level.

Why it’s out of this world: A heroine who steals magic by any means necessary, combined with sensual exchanged of energy between her and Heyerdar, spice up the classic trope in this story. 



by Imogene Nix

The story: Jemma has orders to protect the Elector, the newest of the ships in the Earth Empire fleet, and its crew. Resentful about the past, Jemma wants nothing to do with the Elector, and handsome engineer Raven, responsible for repairing the damaged ship, isn’t making her situation any better. Together they must work together to keep the Elector and its crew out of harms way, even if it means growing close in the process.

Why it’s out of this world: Set on a spaceship, this story delivers not only a steamy romance, but a heaping dose of space politics for those who can’t get enough intergalactic drama. 



Dream Unchained
by Kate Douglas

The story: Mac Dugan and his team set out to save Mac’s alien lover Zianne and her imprisoned people in Dream Unbound, but now the stakes are higher now that they must save Zianne and prevent the Earth’s destruction — all within a few days! But by creating sexual energy, Mac and his crew are able to give Zianne and her people the strength they need to break free. Saving Earth, on the other hand, but saving the Earth from an alien race may prove to be more than Mac can handle.

Why it’s out of this world: This story does an excellent job balancing both erotic and sci fi elements. There are a plethora of hot sex scenes, but with an entire alien race’s demise on the line it’s totally justified, right?



Curious about these reads? They're all available in stores and online now! Which erotic sci fi/fantasy read is your all-time favorite? Let us know in the comments! And for more steamy romance visit our Everything Erotica Page!