Book Boyfriend Smack Down: Alphas

Happiest of Valentine's Week to you, dear readers. We know, the holiday gives some the urge to hide under the covers, bemoaning their singleton status, while others preen with the happiness of being in love. But coupled or no, your RT Web Team believes one thing very sincerely, in our heart of hearts, and that is this: there's no reason to be lonely, because we all have a whole bunch of steamy, dreamy book boyfriends to keep us company.

But then we got to wondering, which book boyfriend is best? We need to know. It's important. So each day this week, we'll be profiling a different kind of hero, be he alpha, beta, anti or bad boy, and you can vote on your favorite. Then on Friday, we'll crown our Ultimate Book Boyfriend. There will be prizes! And fun! And probably some smack talk. But most of all, there will be the knowledge that we are never truly alone, because our book boyfriends are always patiently waiting for us on our nightstands.

Today we discuss: Alphas!

There's a hearty debate amongst the RT editors, would you actually want a real-life alpha? Sure, he's great to read about in books, he's hot as Hades in bed, and though he may boss you around, he always saves the day and worships you above all others — and with alphas, there are always others. But bossiness? In real life? We're not so sure. In the meantime, we've rounded up a list of our favorite book boyfriend alphas for you to choose from. The winner from this round will move on to our final round on Friday — during which we'll give readers a chance to win a giant, awesome prize.



And the winner is ... Jamie Fraser! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Did we forget your favorite? Is one of these heroes not worthy of the Alpha title? Save your smack talk for the comments and come back tomorrow for round two!

Hearts background courtesy of MeinLilaPark.