Book Boyfriend Smack Down: Antiheroes

We're halfway through Valentine's Week, and in addition to eating tons of chocolate and wearing lots of pink, we're paying extra special attention to those important men in our lives — our book boyfriends! (Our real-life partners are used to being ignored while we read, it's fine.)


We've already crowned our ultimate alpha and bad boy heroes, and today we move onto those sneakiest of book boyfriends: the Antihero.


Antiheroes sneak up on you. They can be dastardly. You might outright hate them at first. And then after awhile … they get under your skin. They do something thoughtful, like remember your favorite perfume. And it's all the more touching because it's so … surprising. Next thing you know, you've got antihero fever, and ain't no cure for that!


Vote for your favorite antihero and be entered to win! And check back all week as we continue with our Book Boyfriend Smack Down. Friday we'll declare the Ultimate Book Boyfriend!