Book Boyfriend Smack Down: Bad Boys

Valentine's Week is underway (yes, it's a week here at RT, we're surrounded by romance novels and giant pictures of Fabio (not kidding), we can't help ourselves) and we're in the midst of our Book Boyfriend Smack Down. Which hero will reign supreme? 

Today we discuss: Bad boys! Oh, you know the type. You ogled him in the halls at school. Your mother wanted you to stay away from him. You very much wanted to sidle up next to him. He gets into fights. He's troubled. But he's also probably misunderstood! By everyone by you. You get him. You see past the lip curl to the angst within. And he gets you, too. He'll protect you during that brawl. Help you with your pushy ex. He'll take you on a midnight ride on his motorcycle. Wait, we're making ourselves swoon here. Onto the list! 

And be sure to check back all week long as we celebrate our favorite heroes, and then crown our Ultimate Book Boyfriend on Friday!


And the winner is ... Beau from Abbi Glines’ Vincent Boys serie! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Did we forget your favorite? Is one of these heroes not worthy of the Bad Boy title? Save your smack talk for the comments and come back tomorrow for round three!

Hearts background courtesy of MeinLilaPark.