Book Boyfriend Smack Down: Beta Heroes

Well Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. Whether you'll be dining out with your sweetie or crying while watching Lifetime movies (no judgement either way), we know who'll really be keeping you company — your book boyfriends! All week we've been celebrating our our favorite fictional heroes and crowning our favorites, from alphas to bad boys to antiheroes. It's fitting that our final category of book boyfriends is last but not least — the beta hero.

Your RT Web Team has a soft spot for the beta hero. They're the underdog. He probably does not have a Harley and a six pack. But he'll always be there when you call and he'll support you when you need it most. And he's got an inner strength and brains to spare, doesn't he? 

Vote for your favorite beta below, and be entered to win! And be sure to check back tomorrow when we crown our Ultimate Book Boyfriend, and give away a bundle of goodies!


And the winner is ... Mark Darcy from Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones’ Diary and The Edge of Reaso! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Did we forget your favorite? Is one of these heroes not worthy of the antihero title? Save your smack talk for the comments and come back tomorrow for round four!

Hearts background courtesy of MeinLilaPark.