Book Hankerings: Our Most Anticipated Erotica Coming In 2014

Happy New Year, readers! The best thing about the new year, in our humble opinions anyway, is all the new books to look forward to! We don’t know about you, but there are an awful lot of books we’re hankering for in 2014. In the hopes that you’ll join us in obsessing, over the next week we’ll be listing our most anticipated books of 2014, by genre. Today, we continue with erotica!


Marked by Lauren Dane, Vivian Arend and Kit Rocha

Releases February 2014

This self-published anthology offers a new novella from each of these acclaimed authors — all sharing a tattoo theme. Dane kicks off her new futuristic Metamorphosis series with "All That Remains," while readers get another visit to the Six Pack Ranch in Vivian Arend's "Rocky Ride." Kit Rocha gives us more O'Kane goodness with "Beyond Temptation." So, if you're counting, that's one new universe, two familiar worlds and three fabulous writers!


Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black

Releases March 2014

What's a girl to do when she's torn between two sexy Doms? Have a menage, of course. What intrigues us about Black's March release is heroine Callie's former heiress status and that she's on the run after being accused of murder. So obviously girl's got some baggage, which only ads to the drama that comes with having to choose between two men (hint: you don't always actually have to choose, especially in erotica).


Need You Tonight by Roni Loren

Releases March 2014

This book's blurb hooked us at former trophy wife heroine! There's nothing wrong with wanting to reinvent yourself after a terrible relationship, especially if it means bettering your sex life. Luckily for Tessa, hunky restaurateur Kade is happy to help with her transformation. 


Beyond Jealousy by Kit Rocha

Releases March 2014

RT editor Mala is a big fan of Rocha's dystopian Beyond series and insisted we include book four on this list. Says Mala: "I've been waiting to see how the tangled Ace/Rachel/Cruz dynamic shakes out. This is one geometric relationship that's hot, hot, hot on every side." We can't argue with that comparison!

Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley

Releases April 2014

The first in Bradley's new Dangerous series strikes our fancy because not only is it set in New Orleans (to say we're excited for the next RT Convention would be an understatement), but it features a heroine returning home to find that her old flame shares her newly discovered kinky interests. What we love about Bradley's BDSM is that she makes a point to write strong submissive heroines who equate submitting sexually with strength.



Own by Katie Porter

Releases May 2014

We were sad to see Porter's Vegas Top Guns series end, but are glad the writing duo is back for more kinky fun, this time with plenty of suspense thrown into the mix! The first in Porter's Command Force Alpha series explores the D/s relationship between a special ops newbie and the daughter of the Force's leader. We can't wait!


The Saint by Tiffany Reisz

Releases May 2014

What do we even say about the first in Resiz's White Years portion of her Original Sinners series? Young Nora! Younger Søren! We loved the Red Years and are anxious to see how it all came together, starting with The Saint.


Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Releases June 2014

So many things intrigue us about Lauren's next book. There's the title, for one. And the fact that the authors have hinted that this title somehow ties into their Beautiful Bastard series, but they won't tell us exactly how. We don't really know any details yet, but the mystery surrounding this release has us itching to read it!



Slow Satisfaction by Cecilia Tan

Releases August 2014

Think you're sick of billionaire Dom erotica? Then you haven't read the Struck by Lightening series. In book three, James is still keeping secrets and Karina has had enough (we can't say we blame her). James will have to get his act together to keep her around, but changing his life could potentially mean spilling the details about their kinky sex life.


Did we pick any of your favorites? Miss an obvious title? Let us know below! Check back this week for more Book Hankering 2014! And for more erotica news you can use, visit our Everything Erotica page.