Book Hankerings: Our Most Anticipated Science Fiction & Fantasy Coming In 2014

Happy New Year, readers! The best thing about the new year, in our humble opinions anyway, is all the new books to look forward to! We don’t know about you, but there are an awful lot of books we’re hankering for in 2014. In the hopes that you’ll join us in obsessing, over the next week we’ll be listing our most anticipated books of 2014, by genre. Today, we continue with SF/F!


The Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb

Releases April 2014

Back in 1996 Robin Hobb released a book called Assassin's Apprentice, which kicked off her popular Farseer trilogy. If you're a fan of epic fantasy, you probably know the series, and you're probably anxious for the last chapter in Fitz's story. In true epic fantasy fashion, this last chapter is in fact three books — starting with The Fool's Assassin in April!




Valour and Vanity by Mary Robinette Kowal

Releases April 2014

We're incredibly psyched for book four in Mary Robinette Kowal's Glamourist Histories series: Valour and Vanity. It promises to add yet another one of our favorite tropes to the magic-inflected Regency-set series: a heist!

The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell

Releases May 2014

To say RT editor Regina Small loved Cornell's London Falling would be an understatement, so of course the sequel, The Severed Streets, is on our list. As the investigative team, now gifted with "second sight," take a literal trip into Hell, they'll most likely do battle with a host of baddies — but hopefully Cornell's talent for characterization will still be front and center.


Defenders by Will McIntosh

Releases May 2014

The premises of Will McIntosh's stories are always so fascinating. He's good at adding familiar elements to futuristic plots, giving his stories an almost mainstream feel. Take Defenders, for example, another one of McIntosh's short stories that is being turned into a novel. It's about a group of genetically engineered soldiers created to win a war against aliens. It poses the question, "What do you do with a bunch of humanlike war machines once the war has ended?" We're excited to find out!


California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout

Releases June 2014

Author Eekhout is relatively new to us (although he's been publishing novels since 2009), but California Bones sounds just plain cool. Imagine if people could gain different magical powers depending on which ancient bones they consumed from the La Brea tar pit. Now take a rag-tag group of magicians and give them a quest, all set in noir-y LA. Unfortunately no one turns into a dinosaur (at least, that we know of), but we have a feeling this is going to be one fantastic adventure.



Lock In by John Scalzi

Releases August 2014

Oh, John Scalzi. What do we even say about you? Does anyone have the hearts-as-eyes emoji face handy? Scalzi's books are sci fi for the masses. Love sci fi? Then you probably already enjoy his work. Think sci fi is more unappealing than a broccoli and sour milk smoothie? Try a Scalzi book, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Scalzi's next novel imagines an end to a worldwide virus that leaves a small percentage of people immobile and unable to respond to stimuli, but still completely awake and mentally aware. But honestly, you could tell us Scalzi's next release was a word find on the back of a cereal box, and we'd probably still read it.


The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord

Releases August 2014

Karen Lord's The Best of All Possible Worlds was one of our favorite sci fi novels of 2013, so you better believe we're excited about the companion novel, The Galaxy Game, which follows Rafi, the troubled nephew of Grace from Best. In an attempt to escape his home planet, he joins a wallrunning team — a popular intergalactic sport — and travels the universe exploring everything it has to offer, all while uncovering a few dirty secrets along the way.


Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente

Releases August 2014

Back in November of last year, Catherynne M. Valente did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) chat on Reddit and revealed that her new novel, Radiance, which publishes in August, actually began its life as a short story, "The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew," in Clarkesworld in 2009. Valente's lyrical prose and mythic worldbuilding are like candy to me, so you can bet we're stoked for this one.


Temeraire Book 9 by Naomi Novik

Releases 2014?

The end of Novik's Temeraire series is bittersweet, but after many long journeys and battles fought it's finally time for Temeraire and Captain William Laurence to retire. The final installment will most likely be called League of Dragons, and we're not sure if it will release late 2014 or early 2015, but we'd rather have it sooner than later!


Did we pick any of your favorites? Miss an obvious title? Let us know below! Check back this week for more Book Hankering 2014, in erotica, romance and more! And for more SF/F news you can use, visit our Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy page.