Books By The Banks: Linda McMaken Interviews Ann Gabhart

Yesterday author and RT Contributor Linda McMaken shared her experiences at this year's Cincinnati book festival, Books By The Banks. Today we share one more mini-interview that Linda conducted during the one-day event. She got a chance to sit down with the fantastic inspirational author Ann Gabhart for a very special look at the author's career and her next novel!


Ann Gabhart is the author of an inspirational Shaker series. What an absolutely delightful author, with a charming Southern accent, and genuine graciousness. Talking to Ann was like sitting on the porch with a friend.

Can you share one detail from the book you’re writing now with readers?

I just finished the final edits on my book, Words Spoken True, scheduled for release in February. Set in 1855 Louisville, my main female character, Adriane Darcy, is a newspaper editor’s daughter who has ink in her blood.

What is a secret about your latest heroine that maybe didn't make it into the book?

In my Shaker novel, The Blessed, Lacey welcomed spring every year by doing a joyful dance at the first sight of a dandelion, but she knew dancing was frowned upon by the church people she knew. So she always felt a bit sinful giving in to her happy feet, but then she goes to live among the Shakers who worship by dancing.

Which authors are on your "must read" list?

I like all types of books and have a big stack of “must reads” by various authors. Two authors that I have read most of their books are Barbara Kingsolver and Jan Karon.

What would readers be surprised to know about you?

Some readers might be surprised to know I didn’t attend college. Instead, I married young and learned about writing by writing. I wrote my first novel while Captain Kangaroo kept my youngest child entertained.

Any scoops on your upcoming books?

Words Spoken True (February 2012) is, without doubt, the most romantic book I’ve written for the inspirational market. The hero and heroine strike sparks off one another. In The Gifted, my next Shaker book, (July 2012) the heroine, Jessamine, goes from the quiet, staid life of a Shaker village to one of the glittering resort hotels that were so popular with the upper class in the mid-eighteen hundreds.


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