On The Bookshelves 8/3/2011: Inspirational Style

With our column On the Bookshelves we feature some of RT's highest-rated novels that are released across the genres each week. However this week there are so many great new inspirational books that we thought we'd provide a handy break down of what readers will find in stores this month. From tales of historical love, to dark and mysterious mainstream novels (we're thinking of you, Dancing on Glass), here's a look at the inspirational books we love that hit shelves this week.

 Beyond All Measure
by Dorothy Love

"Love uses romance and humor to tell the story of characters who are trying to better their lives and break down barriers."
  Blue Skies Tomorrow
by Sarah Sundin

“A great read for those who love romance, WWII-era settings or just satisfying stories."
 A Most Unsuitable Match
by Stephanie Grace Whitson

“Whitson brings readers romance, family, mystery and strong characters who are trying to discover who they are and where they belong."
  Ransome's Quest
by Kaye Dacus

“In the third in Dacus’ Ransome trilogy, the author whisks readers to the 1800s in a well-researched story of adventure, love, faith and pirates!"
 Surrender The Dawn
by MaryLu Tyndall

“A good old-fashioned historical packed with rich, beautiful details launches the Surrender to Destiny series with pirates, swordplay and lots of romance."
  The One Who Waits For Me
by Lori Copeland

“Copeland fills readers with hope as she writes about love and danger after the Civil War."
 The Colonel's Lady
by Laura Frantz

“Frantz paints a vivid picture of the tough life out in the wild and yet her characters demonstrate that it was possible to have a wonderful life."
  Wings of Promise
by Bonnie Leon

“The Alaskan Skies series takes you into the forbidding Alaskan bush and gives readers new perspective on what it means to be a caring neighbor."
 Out of Control
by Mary Connealy

“The new Kincaid Brides series keeps to Connealy’s award-winning formula of romance, humor and lovable characters."
 Love Finds You In Sundance, Wyoming
by Miralee Ferrell

“Ferrell brings a Wyoming cattle ranch alive with love, suspense and camaraderie."
  Love Finds You In Branson, Missouri
by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry

“The author shows skill in how she uses imagery, which makes the book enthralling and a page-turning read."
 Treasuring Emma
by Kathleen Fuller

“This novel is a sweet romance with amazing characters who are just trying to get through each day."

The First Gardener
by Denise Hildreth Jones

"Jones’ latest reaches into the depths of the reader’s soul to show the light and strength God can give, even in the midst of the greatest darkness."


  Dancing on Glass
by Pamela Binnings Ewen

“The author uses imagery skillfully, which makes Dancing on Glass a compelling, page-turning read."