On The Bookshelves Tuesday 10/12/2010

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Series Romance

  Family Matters
by Barbara White Daille

“Rapier wit, good-hearted interference on all sides and eccentric characters make Daille’s entry a first-class romantic read.”
    Christmas Countdown
by Jan Hambright

“Mix horse racing and terrorists and you’ve got a breathtaking suspense tale thick with mystery, family ties and romance."
  America’s Star-Crossed Sweethearts
by Jackie Braun

“Braun has penned a wonderful tale ... This is a worthy addition to the Bella Rosa saga and an excellent stand-alone.”
    For the Sake of the Secret Child
by Yvonne Lindsay

“The satisfying wrap-up to the Wed at Any Price trilogy is a steamy romance wrapped in a family drama.”


  Ghost In Trouble
by Carolyn Hart

“[G]reat humor and dialogue make this a wonderful mystery you can’t put down. You also won’t be able to stop laughing.”
    The Demon’s Parchment
by Jeri Westerson

“The writing is wonderful and the history vividly presented. Not to be missed by fans of real historical mysteries."
  The Shimmering Blond Sister
by David Handler

“Well paced and cheerfully written, this book has a number of fun perks, including a timely Bernie Madoff character and a prologue from the perspective of the culprit."
    The Prostitutes’ Ball
by Stephen J. Cannell

“[T]he plot — a deadly party full of hookers and a cold case — could easily be envisioned on the big (or little) screen, and that’s a lot of the fun here."
  Swift Justice
by Laura DiSilverio

Swift Justice manages to be serious and funny at the same time."
    Christmas At the Mysterious Bookshop
by Otto Penzler, editor 

“The stories in this delightful collection range wildly in terms of tone, style and plot, so that each reader will find at least one or two to his or her liking."
Science Fiction/Fantasy Mainstream Fiction
  Passion Play
by Beth Bernobich

“Ilse is a memorably strong protagonist who has to make a lot of really difficult choices in order to survive and Raul Kosenmark is one of the most unique heroes this reviewer has ever encountered.”
    Playing the Game
by Barbara Taylor Bradford

“This is a story of passion that can’t be denied and a betrayal of trust which is the kind Bradford does best.”


by Karen Kingsbury

“Kingsbury draws from real-life events to weave a brilliant tale about friendship, autism and the effects of bullying.”
    A Man’s Heart
by Lori Copeland

“Copeland keeps readers entertained along a wild winding road of broken relationships, tragedy and betrayal.”

Young Adult

by Jennifer Donnelly

“Donnelly creates not one, but two extraordinarily vivid settings, contemporary Brooklyn and 18th-century Paris, and two strong, complicated heroines."
    Beautiful Darkness
by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

“Though the paranormal infuses the story, Garcia and Stohl do an amazing job of exploring how grief (and fear) can tear a relationship apart.”

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