On The Bookshelves Tuesday 5/10/2010

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.  

Historical Romance  
 Queen By Right
by Anne Easter Smith

“Readers will be swept into [Smith's] lush and fascinating tale that reads like the best of fiction yet resonates with reality.”
Science Fiction/Fantasy 
 The Quantum Thief
by Hannu Rajaniemi

“Rajaniemi’s debut is an absolutely incredible spin through a post-human solar system and a fascinating and gripping read.”
  Fuzzy Nation
by John Scalzi

“Scalzi’s reboot of H. Beam Piper’s classic 1962 novel, Little Fuzzy, takes the original plot and characters and reimagines them for a modern audience!"
 Purgatory Chasm
by Steve Ulfelder

"Ulfelder’s debut grabs you from its wryly hilarious opening line and keeps going full throttle till the finale."
  Make Take Murder
by Joanna Campbell Slan

"Make Take Murder has a touch of everything as our heroine grapples with another murder and the men in her life, raises her teenage daughter and battles it out with her outspoken and overbearing mother-in-law."
Young Adult 
 Die For Me
by Amy Plum

"Plum’s debut is the perfect combo of romance and thrills, with heart-pumping action that will make you jump and love that will make you cry out for joy."
  Biter End
by Jennifer Brown

"Brown takes a classic teen angst story of love and abuse and gracefully transforms it."

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