On The Bookshelves Tuesday 5/24/2011

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Historical Romance
 Scandal In Scotland
by Karen Hawkins

“The second book In Hawkins’ Hurst Amulet series reaches new heights in a humorous, fast-paced dramatic story that’s filled with sensual tension.”
  The Secret Desires of a Governess
by Tiffany Clare

“By incorporating the themes and red herrings of a classic Victoria Holt or Daphne du Maurier, [Clare] entices readers to keep turning the pages to uncover the mystery and savor the highly sensual romance.”
 The Wedding Of The Century
by Mary Jo Putney, Kristin James & Charlotte Featherstone

“Three authors have chosen very different settings, characters and weddings to let readers know any wedding is a good wedding — as long as there is love.”
  The Devil In Disguise
by Stefanie Sloane

“The debut of the Regency Rogues trilogy is a delightfully fun, sensual and suspenseful romance of a bad boy and a good girl with a twist or two thrown in for the fun of it.”
 The Vampire Narcise
by Colleen Gleason

“This is the most powerful and emotionally intense of Gleason’s trilogy.”
  More Than a Mistress
by Ann Lethbridge

“[Lethbridge’s] characters are delightful and full of naughty delight."
Contemporary Romance 
 King’s Passion
by Adrianne Byrd

“A funny, slick novel filled with strong personalities — what more do you need?”
  Blackberry Summer
by RaeAnne Thayne

“Nuanced grown-up characters fill a small town that manages to avoid being either overly sweet or self-righteously narrow-minded.”
Romantic Suspense
 Vanish In Plain Sight
by Marta Perry

“Set in Amish country, readers will enjoy a compelling mystery combined with interesting lessons about the Amish customs and ways.”
  Secret of the White Rose
by Stefanie Pintoff

“This historical mystery is rich with detail about turn-of-the-last century New York and the fledgling field of criminology.”
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
 Mind Games
by Taylor Keating

“Keating has crafted an intricate world for her characters to inhabit, where the line between good and evil is very thin.”
  Zombies Sold Separately
by Cheyenne McCray

“New characters added to the mix indicate fresh new relationships and adventures are on the horizon.”
Erotica Science Fiction/Fantasy

 The Harlot
by Saskia Walker

“Take one gorgeous rogue seeking vengeance and a desperate woman charged with witchcraft, toss them together with a healthy dose of lust and you’ve got an enticing tale of revenge, justice and magic.”
  Chasing The Moon
by A. Lee Martinez

“Readers who like their science fiction on the wacky, mind-bending side, à la Douglas Adams, are sure to love this story...”
Mainstream Fiction  
 Summer In The South
by Cathy Holton

“This is the perfect blend of Southern charm, intrigue, sophistication and romance that makes a great summer read.”
  The Arrivals
by Meg Mitchell Moore

“Readers witness how each character arrives at the family house and undergoes a gradual transition into a stronger, more loving and understanding adult by the book’s end.”
Young Adult  
 Beauty Queens
by Libba Bray

“This book is everything I wanted it to be — and more. Full of satirical humor, unpredictable plot twists and just general awesomeness.”
by Myra McEntire

“A perfectly well-rounded book with paranormal, action and love triangles, this will keep you guessing until the surprising end.”

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