On The Bookshelves Tuesday 5/31/2011

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Historical Romance
 Lord Langley is Back in Town
Elizabeth Boyle

“Boyle delivers on all levels bringing a delightful cast of eccentric characters straight into readers’ hearts.”
  The Sins of Viscount Sutherland
Samantha James

“Twisting something old into something fresh is one of James’ talents. Here she uses the desire/revenge plotline and switches genders; the woman is out to seduce and ruin.”
 The Soldier
Grace Burrowes

“There is a quiet, yet intense power to Burrowes’ simple prose and such depth of feelings that it will be difficult to forget this marvelous story.”
  The Darkest Sin
Caroline Richards

“The carefully constructed mystery is balanced by a passionate romance that heats up the pages even as the plot twists and turns...”
  Lady of Seduction
Laurel McKee

“McKee shows readers she is a force to be reckoned with, an author who can turn a villain into a delicious hero.”
    Guarding a Notorious Lady
Oliva Parker

“The author uses humor to spice up a battle-of-wills plotline and adds a cast of likable characters and plenty of wild escapades and witty repartee.”
Contemporary Romance 
 Creed’s Honor
Linda Lael Miller

“With engaging characters and lovable animals, this second story in the Creed Cowboys trilogy is a sure hit for the legions of cowboy fans out there.”
  Beach Lane
Sherryl Woods

“Once again, Woods, with such authenticity, weaves a tale of true love and the challenges that can knock up against that love.”
Romantic Suspense
 Beg for Mercy
Jami Alden

“[T]his a high-caliber romantic suspense — exactly what the genre should be!”
  Trace of Fever
Lori Foster

“The evil of human trafficking is the backdrop for this intense and sexy thriller.”
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
 Kiss of Snow
Nalini Singh

“For this amazing novel, plot seeds that were planted much earlier add significant punch to an unforgettable tale...”
  Concrete Savior
Yvonne Navarro

“The author skillfully weaves the stories of several characters together to create a fast-paced and intense ride...”
  Magic Slays
Ilona Andrews

“Andrews’ intricate, detailed worldbuilding provides such a rich backdrop for the story that it nearly becomes a character itself.”
    The Deadliest Bite
Jennifer Rardin

“[Rardin’s] books were a wonderfully entertaining mix of kick-butt action, wacky technological high jinks and laugh-out-loud humor.”
  Sinful Magic
Jennifer Lyon

“The power of undying love truly shines through here, adding plenty of emotion to an otherwise dark and action-packed adventure.”
    Blood of the Wicked
Karina Cooper

“Cooper’s world has endless possibilities in her alternate universe where witches have been accused of decimating the world and are hunted down for their murderous ways.”
Kristina Douglas

“The power and pain present here makes for spellbinding reading!”
    The Darkness Beyond
Alexis Morgan

“As always, Morgan does an excellent job blending the action with emotional content.”
  Demons Prefer Blondes
Sidney Ayers

“You’ll be rooting for the good guys from beginning to end and eagerly awaiting a sequel.”
    My Dangerous Pleasure
Carolyn Jewel

“Packed with the right dose of danger and treachery, this love story is the perfect escape from reality.”
  Changeling Moon
Dani Harper

“A suspenseful plot and a sizzling relationship make this a welcome addition to the genre.”
    The Reluctant Vampire
Lynsay Sands

“This [book] has the humor, action, interesting characters, intriguing plot and hot sex readers have come to expect and appreciate from this author.”
Science Fiction/Fantasy  

Mira Grant

“[A]ll of you readers who want something weighty and yet light, campy and yet smart, horror with heart … Deadline is just what you are looking for.”
  The Girl Who Disappeared Twice
Andrea Kane

“Kane kicks off her new series with this fascinating story with sharply drawn characters, fast-paced dialogue, dark and dangerous minds [and] brilliant methodology...”
    Hot Lights, Cold Steel
D.P. Lyle

“Lyle’s second Dub Walker thriller benefits from an original plot, crisp writing and captivating characters that make it hard to put down.”
Mainstream Fiction  
 Mistress No More
Niobia Bryant

“Stinging dialogue, first-person revelations, remarkable character development and fast-paced drama heighten the thrill factor of Mistress No More.
  The Summer We Came to Life
Deborah Cloyed

“This novel takes an interesting look at the battle between science and religion/spirituality.”
  Threading the Needle
Marie Bostwick

“The ability of the over-50 characters to accept and embrace major changes in their lives is uplifting.”
    Mama Ruby
Mary Monroe

“Mama Ruby fans, this is the Upper Room prequel you've been waiting for!”
  Someone to Watch Over Me
Michelle Stimpson

“Here’s an inspirational story reminding us to live our lives with the end in mind.”
    Wherever Grace is Needed
Elizabeth Bass

“This is an emotion-packed story of two young women, each dealing with the loss of loved ones, and needing to accept the changes this brings to their lives.”
T.L. Higley

“Higley’s meticulous research enhances readers’ understanding of the daring lives of the first Christians.”
    The Blackberry Bush
David Housholder

“Housholder has written a wonderful novel that will make readers wonder whether there really are such things as life-changing ‘chance encounters’...”
Young Adult  
Josephine Angelini

“This book is the ultimate thrill ride, with all the violence, passion and action of Romeo and Juliet.
Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

“[The Fug Girls’] YA debut is a fluffy, excellent treat that adult fans of the blog will enjoy as much as their teen counterparts.”

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