On The Bookshelves Tuesday 5/3/2011

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Historical Romance  
 My Favorite Countess
by Vanessa Kelly

“The strong protagonists, deep emotional intensity and rising sexual tension all make the fast-paced romance memorable.”
  One Whisper Away
by Emma Wildes

“The first in Wildes’ Ladies in Waiting series is a lush and highly sensual love story.”
 Follow My Lead
by Kate Noble

“The appealing characters and pacing showcase Noble’s writing talents.”
  Warrior of the Isles
by Debbie Mazzuca

“Mazzuca has created a delightful blend of magic, adventure and romance."
Contemporary Romance 
 Sealed Forever
by Mary Margret Daughtridge

“Take two strong characters, throw in some humor and a baby and you’ve got a perfect combination for a heartwarming romance.”
  Separate Dreams
by Joan Early

Separate Dreams has all the romance and emotions of a great soap opera!"
 Summer at Seaside Cove
by Jacquie D’Alessandro

“Here’s a funny, sweet and pleasantly entertaining read."
  Love Drunk Cowboy
by Carolyn Brown

“Brown’s delightful romance has a heroine who is quite willing to make her own decisions.”
Romantic Suspense
 Breaking Point
by Pamela Clare

"Breaking Point is packed with gut-wrenching tension, tragedy, romance and passion."
  Deadly Intentions
by Candice Poarch

"The story is solid, containing a fast-paced adventure that will satisfy Poarch’s longtime readers."
 Past Midnight
by Jasmine Haynes

"Book one of the DeKnight Tales is a highly erotic journey for two lost souls desperately seeking solace."
  Three to Tango
by Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Emma Holly and Bethany Kane

"Each novella centers on a threesome and the passion that rocks such a joining."
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
 Dragon Bound
by Thea Harrison

"Every now and then a book comes along that blows your socks off — this is one of those books!"


  Enemy Games
by Marcella Burnard

"Rising star Burnard takes readers on a second mind-blowing journey into an intergalactic war zone where insidious plots threaten more than one empire."
 Dead Reckoning
by Charlaine Harris

"In this book, multitalented Harris wraps up some previous plot threads and lays out clues to the series’ next intriguing direction."
  Darkfire Kiss
by Deborah Cooke

"Cooke’s consistent excellence ensures a great read!"
 Wickedly Charming
by Kristine Grayson

"This is a delightful antidote to the fairy tale and an entertaining read."
  Hard Bitten
by Chloe Neill

"Neill has created a descriptive, imaginative and striking world for her Chicagoland Vampires, rich with real world problems as well as otherworldly creatures."
 One Magic Moment
by Lynn Kurland

"Kurland has written another time travel marvel where the reader will be just as enchanted by the hero as the heroine is. "
by Sarah McCarty

"The third entry in the Shadow Wranglers series is filled with action and exciting subplots."
by Kevin Hearne

"The worldbuilding is excellent and the existence of gods from multiple belief systems is delightful and well executed."
  Chosen by Blood
by Virna DePaul

"DePaul has made a name for herself with paranormal fans who aren’t shy when it comes to titillating dialogue and interaction."
Science Fiction/Fantasy 
by Barbara Ashford

"An understated and quiet novel about the transformative power of the theater."
by Elizabeth Vaughan

"Vaughan returns to the land of Xy in this fourth outing featuring warlord Keir and Lara, the Queen of Xy."
 Classified as Murder
by Miranda James

"The second mystery of the Cat-in-the-Stacks series is sure to be a hit with bibliophiles and animal lovers, not to mention anyone who likes a well-plotted mystery."


  The Wedding Shawl
by Sally Goldenbaum

"Excellent characters and setting transport readers into the daily life of Sea Harbor, where readers can almost smell the sea air as they uncover clues alongside the savvy group of knitters."
 Mind Your own Beeswax
by Hannah Reed

"This mystery has the perfect blend of humor and drama and a gutsy heroine who stumbles over dead bodies and clues like nobody’s business."


  Spider Web
by Earlene Fowler

"This is a wonderful story, one that continues to advance all of the characters in this terrific series."
Mainstream Fiction 
 Honey Grove
by Genell Dellin

"This charming story follows the journey of a grandmother and granddaughter getting reacquainted ..."
  The Beach Trees
by Karen White

"White’s ability to showcase her characters’ flaws and strengths is one of the best in the genre."
 The Butterfly’s Daughter
by Mary Alice Monroe

"The correlation between butterflies and the characters is a perfect fit and it adds a sense of history needed for a story relying heavily on tradition."


  If You Were Here
by Jen Lancaster

"The situations and characters will keep readers in stitches and make this book a hard one to put down."
Young Adult  
by Veronica Roth

"Roth has taken the the standard sci-fi dystopia and transformed it into an action-packed psychological thriller with romance."
  The Magnolia League
by Katie Crouch

"Magic, thrills, romance, drugs and potions litter this fast-paced tale."
 Bite Club
by Rachel Caine

"The friendships in this series are facing formidable odds, and Caine does a terrific job of keeping the tension fierce and the danger palpable."



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