On The Bookshelves Tuesday 7/13/2010

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Series Romance

  Dexter: Honorable Cowboy by Marin Thomas

"Thomas' characters are wonderful and colorful and readers will enjoy Dexter's struggle to do the honorable thing."



  Live To Tell by Lisa Gardner

"[An] electrifying tale of murder and family secrets."


Sci Fi / Fantasy

  Tongues Of Serpents by Naomi Novik

"One of the best things about these books is Novik’s decision to make her dragons as intelligent — or, in some cases, more intelligent — than the humans. "


Young Adult

  Siren by Tricia Rayburn

"This refreshing read is mysterious and fast paced, and will keep you reading to the end."




  The Bridesmaid's Secret by Fiona Harper

"It’s the subtle shadings of characterization that make the story work, as well as the sensitive handling of key plot points. A keeper."



  Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

"This compelling, haunting psychological thriller will stay with readers long after they have finished … A chilling and addictive read."



  The Unit by Terry DeHart

"DeHart’s nightmarish landscape provides a chilling background for this post-apocalyptic story."



  Sarah's Garden by Kelly Long

"Long writes with a polished style that puts her in the same category as the top Christian authors."

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