On The Bookshelves Tuesday 8/17/2010

Here's a look at the titles we love that hit shelves this week.

Series Romance

  Dusty: Wild Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

"Dusty and Maryanne are wonderful, and by turns charming and stubborn."
    One Tough Marine by Paula Graves

"It’s a roller-coaster story of action, romance and personal growth."
  Through The Sheriff’s Eyes by Janice Kay Johnson

"This book features Johnson’s typically realistic characters and well-drawn plot. Ben and Faith’s feelings ring true."
    The Billionaire’s Baby Arrangement by Charlene Sands

"Sands has the perfect wrap-up for this Napa Valley Vows storyline — perfect pitch, perfect couple and a perfectly steamy romance."


  The Good Thief’s Guide To Vegas by Chris Ewan Jr.

"It’s a classic caper narrative with a touch of noir, an irresistibly cheeky and likable hero, magic, roulette and something called a “juice list” — which does not involve fruit."
    Touch Me Not by Cynthia Riggs

"Riggs presents a touching tribute to the vivacity of the elderly as well as a well-plotted mystery with laugh-out-loud moments."
Romantic Suspense Mainstream Fiction 
  Don’t Cry by Beverly Barton

"Barton is an established queen of romantic suspense and this is one more jewel in her crown."
    I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

"Lippman also skillfully and subtly shows the quiet devastation that reverberates after a kidnapping."

Science Fiction/Fantasy

  The Bear by R.A. Salvatore

"Salvatore is still amazing when it comes to worldbuilding, and this world of Honce he has been playing in for four books only gets richer with each novel. "

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