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Dear Jane,

I have the opportunity to purchase a Sony PRS-300 eReader. The problem is that I've heard that Barnes & Noble e-books aren't readable on or transferable to the eReader. What I can't find is any definite information one way or the other. Does Calibre solve this issue of B&N books not being true ePub format? I have gift cards to use and don't want to purchase a reader that can't read e-books I purchased or plan to purchase. I know this particular Sony is just a basic eReader and I'm fine with that, primarily because the price is reasonable (less than $140).

-Debating a Sony


Dear Debating a Sony,

I am sorry to say that the digital books that you buy from Barnes and Noble are not transferable to any of the Sony devices. While Calibre is a great software program for managing your digital books, it can only convert digital books that are unlocked.

A more technical explanation:
Both the nook and Sony devices read a format called "epub" but the nook uses a special type of software lock and right now, only the nook reading device (and eReader software) has the unlock key.




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