Carina Press Reveals The Cover Of Their First Print Book - The Theory Of Attraction

Carina Press is the digital-first arm of Harlequin, but in November readers will also be treated to a print anthology of Carina's most popular erotica novellas. Authors Delphine Dryden, Christine d’Abo and Jodie Griffin each contribute a sensual BDSM story to Carina’s print debut, The Theory of Attraction. Today we have the pleasure of revealing the anthology’s cover! But that’s not all. We also spotlight each of the stories and include thoughts from the authors about how the print anthology's cover with its dark background, royal colored ribbon and scrolling text reflects their spicy stories. 

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The Theory of Attraction” by Delphine Dryden

It’s no secret that RT editors fell head over heels for Delphine Dryden’s latest erotic novella, for which this anthology is named. The novella won our July Seal of Excellence Award, and was the first-ever novella to win our pick for best book of the month. When computer programmer Camilla falls for her geeky — yet hunky — next-door neighbor Ivan, she doesn’t expect the socially awkward physicist to return her feelings. But as the two grow close, Camilla realizes that Ivan adores her, but is wary of revealing his passion for BDSM. When asked what she thinks about the cover of this new anthology, Delphine had this to say: 

I loved the direction this cover took — and this trend for erotic romance covers in general - because it's subtle and not all about the sex. That sounds counterintuitive, I know, an erotic romance writer saying a cover shouldn't suggest sex. But BDSM isn't solely a sexual endeavor. It's psychological, and emotional, and I think focusing only on the prurient aspect of it ignores a lot of the fundamental appeal. The cover isn't overt, though it is suggestive, and while the bondage implication is there it's still open to a lot of different interpretations. But it's also classy (and it doesn't hurt that folks could read this in front of anyone without outing themselves as kinky romance fans!).

-Delphine Dryden

“A Shot in the Dark” by Christine d’Abo

This novella is a compelling, sensual look at the BDSM lifestyle, with a sizzling firefighter thrown into the mix! When coffee shop owner Paige is approached by fireman Carter — an experienced Dom — she is instantly attracted to him, but hesitant to jump back into BDSM after her last Dom’s abuse. Tempted by Carter’s charm and irresistible body, Paige agrees to casual drinks at the local sex club. When their date escalates and the two become intimate, Carter reveals that he’s not only an accomplished Dom, but a generous lover as well. We asked Christine how she felt this cover, and she shared the following:

For me, I love the simplistic elegance of the design. The nature of BDSM and the headspace that a person slips into when exploring these emotions, are a lot like this. The world narrows down to the basics, to only what is important in that moment. Something as simple as a ribbon can be a powerful connector between a Dom and sub.

- Christine d’Abo

“Forbidden Fantasies” by Jodie Griffin

“Forbidden Fantasies” by Jodie Griffin is a realistic, touching story about how a married couple comes to discover their naughtier side. Jess is happily married, except for one important thing — her vanilla sex life could use some flare. After reading about the illustrious bedroom adventures of the heroines in her erotic romances, Jess has a few new ideas of her own. That is, if she can convince her husband Alex that he wants the same. Alex loves his wife and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her happy, but when he books a night at a special B&B — Breakfast and Bondage — will he find that what Jess wants might be more than he can deliver? We asked the author to share why she felt the cover sets the scene for “Forbidden Fantasies”:

I love the dramatic black with the brilliant blue ribbon winding its way across the cover. Very sexy. Jessica, my heroine who is just exploring the kinky side of her sexuality, would see this on a bookshelf and fantasize about Alex winding that long length of ribbon around her hands, tying them behind her back, trailing it teasingly across her body. I adore this design, and think it really evokes the right mood for “Forbidden Fantasies.”

- Jodie Griffin

If you want more from these authors, make sure to pick up a copy of The Theory of Attraction, available in stores November 1! And for information about more steamy reads of all lengths, visit our Everything Erotica Page!