Carrie Lofty Has Historical Attention Deficit Disorder

Author Carrie Lofty's Song Of Seduction was released on June 7th as one of the e-books that Carina Press, the new e-book arm of Harlequin, launched with. She discusses why her latest historical romance is set in Salzburg in the 1800s ...


I spent my first ten years as an amateur and trained historian studying the American West. Gunslingers to lawmen, boomtowns to ghost towns — they were my investigative playground. But upon concluding my master's degree with a thesis on Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok, I found that I'd become ... restless. I'd since married an Englishman and had seen more of the world. My curiosity began to get the better of me.  


Thus I developed historical attention deficit disorder. Part of me was burnt out on the Old West, and a great deal of me becoming steadily full up on Regency-set historical romances. With successful authors such as Loretta Chase and Julia Quinn, that era's territory had already been staked. I could either compete on their turf or set out on my own. Maybe all those years of studying pioneers made my choice inevitable.

With my Robin Hood-themed debut, What A Scoundrel Wants (which you can learn more about on my website here), I at least had a familiar English setting on my side. But I'd never studied medieval Europe, which meant exploring a whole new historical era. While some people might have been intimidated, I was excited by the challenge. For months I dove into all the medieval texts I could find and acquainted myself with the entire catalogue of Robin Hood literature.  

Then I was off to ... Spain? Why not? I'd gone nuts on research and was thirsty for novelty. Besides, I couldn't think of a more exotic place to find a sexy warrior monk. That inspiration led to Scoundrel's Kiss (which you can learn more about on my website here), whereby the interlibrary loan program at my local library got a tremendous workout. I was hooked on the "off the deep-end" feeling of jumping straight into an intriguing new setting, just to see what romantic ideas arose. Readers and reviewers who've since contacted me about Scoundrel's Kiss were equally enthusiastic about the change of scenery.

But soon I grew restless, longing for pretty gowns, culture and (relatively) current events. That meant the Regency era, but I stayed a fair distance from England. My idea was for a romance between two musicians, where a widowed violin prodigy would embark on a steamy affair with the renowned composer she idolized ... only to learn he'd stolen the symphony he's most famous for.  

Where to set such a cultured, emotional saga? Certainly not the 12th century.

Instead I chose Mozart's birthplace of Salzburg, Austria during a lull in the Napoleonic wars — all glamour of the Regency era, but with an exotic Continental flair. The result is Song Of Seduction (which you can learn more about on my website, here), my latest release, which is available June 7th from Carina Press.  

So what's next for me? Where and when? Following Portrait Of Seduction (visit my website for information here), a second Austrian-set romance from Carina Press in early 2011, I'll be setting off to Victorian-era colonial South Africa and Australia. Look for Flawless (on my website here) and Shameless from Pocket in early 2012!

You didn't think I'd settle down, did you? It's no wonder my husband compared my booklist to my children's beloved Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne. That's been my historical romance career thus far. So let me take you somewhere new, somewhere in time. I guarantee it will be romantic!  

- Carrie Lofty

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