Cassie Ryan On The Demon And The Succubus

Cassie Ryan gives readers a behind the scenes peek at the Nevada brothel where her heroine works in this month's paranormal romance The Demon and the Succubus. Find out which popular tv show inspired the story’s setting and what readers can expect between the pages of this series second!

Wow! What an honor it was to be asked to blog for RT BOOK REVIEWS, which has been one of my favorite companies...and conventions since I first started writing. I was asked to talk a little bit about the setting for my newest release, book 2 in the Sisters of Darkness series, The Demon and the Succubus. The book begins in a legalized Nevada brothel.

The series is about four Succubi sisters in Hell’s version of the Witness Relocation Program. They helped petition Lucifer to imprison a powerful demon back in the 1300’s who was killing off a huge chunk of the human population with the Black Plague. The demon has now escaped and wants revenge! So when I was thinking about settings for The Demon and the Succubus, I was trying to think realistically, where could a succubus thrive and survive for centuries on end? They have to have shelter, food and clothing just like everyone else, but she also needs a steady stream of sexual energy. After all, part of their job is to tempt humans, which ends up helping them make choices that will tip them toward either Heaven or Hell. What better place to do that than in a brothel. 

I remember the show Cathouse being very popular on HBO for a while, and my husband and I would watch it each week as it came on. I wondered at the time what kind of person would be able to thrive at a job like that. The idea that I used for The Demon and the Succubus began to take root from there. Obviously, a succubus would get lots of “practice” in her art, so if she did find a job in a brothel, wouldn’t it stand to reason that she would end up being one of the best and most sought after in her “profession”? And since as Cassie Ryan, I write erotic paranormal romance, things fell into place nicely from there. All I needed at that point was a really cool name for a modern day legalized brothel :) Which I wasn’t having any luck coming up with on my own. In a book heavy with Archangels, succubi, demons, and references to Heaven and Hell, the name of the brothel had to be memorable, but not raunchy. I asked my Facebook friends to help me come up with something, and it was actually Tara, my friend and fellow barista from Starbucks who came up with The Sinner’s Redemption. So on the cover, the building you see is The Sinner’s Redemption, where Amalya first meets Levi. Levi is a bonifide English Duke who is more than a match for the feisty Amalya. The swirling colors around the building on the cover are actually shades of the dead—just one of several signs within the book that Armageddon is coming on fast! And besides Armageddon, Semiazas, the escaped demon, is out looking for any of the four succubi sisters, two of which still need to make it back safely to Lilith’s lair after Amalya! So I hope you’ll join me for this fast-paced ride through the land of the succubus and Archangels...which in this book takes us between Hell, England, Greece and a few other places along the way! And if you haven’t already read Seducing the Succubus, which is Book 1 in The Sisters of Darkness Series, give it a try. Jezebeth and her horror writer hero, Noah will take you on a fast-paced, fun, and erotic ride as well!

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- Cassie Ryan

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