Casting Couch: M. Leighton Casts Some Like it Wild

We can’t resist a good casting post, maybe because we like ogling attractive stars? We’d rather not say. Instead we’ll direct you to M. Leighton’s picks to star in her latest, Some Like it Wild, out this week. Onto the beefcake!




First is Jake Theopolis. He’s a fireman-cum-peach orchard hottie with golden skin, jet black hair and eyes the color of warm honey. Eye color notwithstanding, I think that Bernardo Velasco is about the closest thing to perfection…er, I mean to Jake that I can find. His coloring, physique and even his hair are all dead ringers for Jake. The eyes are a bit darker, however, I have absolutely no difficulty imagining them lighter. But the best thing is that smile of his. It. Is. Jake. Period. It makes my knees weak to see it. *shivers*



Next is the leading lady, Laney Holt. She is a curvy little blonde with blue eyes and classically beautiful features. She has a good girl quality about her that comes from being a preacher’s kid, I’m sure. But there’s something else about her—some wild-about-to-happen element—that Jake sees right off the bat. You can see what I mean by the diverse pics you see of her doppelganger, Kate Upton. She can appear sweetly innocent in one photo and incredibly sexy in the next. Quite Laney-like if I do say so myself.




Jake’s sister Jenna is the next up. She is a wild thing. Always has been, always will be. She’s got Jake’s black hair and caramel skin, but her eyes are dark, giving her an even more exotic look. I picture her like Hannah Simone, right down to that ballsy, mischievous look she always seem to have. That’s Jenna in a nutshell!




Tori, Laney’s on-again, off-again best friend, was a little easier for me. I immediately thought of Amber Heard. She has the look (minus the big boobs, of course), but she also has that daring, flirtatious quality similar to that of Jenna. Only blonde.



For Laney’s parents, I picture Diane Lane as her mother. When I saw this picture, I actually laughed. Diane’s hair is styled into the same light brown helmet that Laney’s mom wears. Spot on, Diane! Spot on!



As for Laney’s dad, he’s a bit harder. He has more of a…feel about him than a physical description. Something about his expression and his presence make him who he is. I think the person who could best convey that without ever having to open his mouth would be Jon Hamm. He’s just got that certain something that Graham Holt has.



Shane, Laney’s slimy ex, was a bit harder, too. He has an arrogant quality about him that has begun to seep through to the surface since Laney discovered what a snake in the grass he is. Aaron Stanford. No offense, Aaron, but you can play “slimy” so well that you were the first to come to mind.

Now that we’ve got the visuals down, why not pick up a copy of Some Like It Wild, which is available in stores and online now? And for more love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page!