Cat Devon on Life Imitating Art — Her Life!

Truth is stranger than fiction, or so the saying goes. But what happens when truth and fiction collide, like in Cat Devon’s latest, Love Your Entity? Today the author is here to tell us about how she couldn’t resist having a little fun with her publishing team …

I swear, I’ve never used a real person in a book of mine before.  But the fact that my heroine, Sierra Brennan, in Love Your Entity is an author opened the door for me to use people on my publishing team in my book … with their permission, of course! 

I know some authors who have offered to use a real person’s name in a book as an item in a charity auction. Others have even used social media for help in deciding what name to give a character. 

I haven’t done either of those things yet.

Names are an important part of a character’s development. When I started writing Love Your Entity, my latest vampire romance, I knew my heroine’s name was going to be Sierra and my dark vampire’s name was going to be Ronan. The fact that Sierra is a published author meant that I could relate to her in a very special way. She writes paranormal novels, while I write vampire romances with heat and humor, but we both have similar approaches to our writing process. Neither Sierra nor I have a detailed plot telling us where the story goes. We both have an idea but are often surprised. I had fun creating Sierra’s characters and her rough drafts, which she kept changing.

I also had fun including my publishing team, especially my brilliant publicist Katie. I’ve never met her but we’ve shared emails and photos and laughs. And now we share this book! Katie is in several scenes where she emails Sierra about interviews and other publicity issues.

I also touched base with Sharlene, who does the gorgeous book graphics for my Facebook site, and included her later in the book. The same goes for Draculina, who’s a fan of mine on Facebook. She is so supportive of my books and, with her permission, I included her name as well.

But Katie gets the most screen time, so to speak. And it looks like she will be making another appearance in my fourth Cat Devon book, which I’m writing now. Instead of merely emailing from New York City, I’m hoping Katie comes to visit Vamptown in Chicago in the new book!

If you’re wondering why I don’t know these things for sure it’s because of the saying I have on my office wall: “In the theater, the director is God. Unfortunately all the actors are atheists.” The same is true for me as a writer. Yes, I’m the author. But I can’t force my characters to do something they don’t want to do, which makes things interesting, to say the least!

Love Your Entity is out next week, and will be available at your favorite bookstore and e-tailer. For more vampire stories, visit our Everything Paranormal page!