Cat Kalen Introduces Her New Heroine

We were intrigued when RT reviewer Amy raved that Cat Kalen's self-published series first was something special. "Completely different from the other werewolf novels out there, this one's a keeper," she said about Pride's Run. Teen shifter heroine Pride is trapped by a cruel master, but when her life is on the line will this runt of the litter decide that it's time to take control of her life? With this intriguing premise in mind, we went straight to the author to find out just what it is that inspired her heroine.

People have been fascinated by werewolves for years. Pride’s Run, the first book in my Wolf’s Pride series offers a deeper focus, a situation that seems to have caught the curiosity of readers, especially when they understand these wolves have been confined their whole lives and used as assassins by a cruel drug lord master.

First let me say Pride was an amazing character to write. Her strength of character and survival instincts inspired me, and watching her learn to trust, to believe in herself and use her small size as a strength instead of a weakness had my heart aching for her.

In the beginning of her journey we see the desolate life Pride and the others live; because survival of the fittest applies inside the compound, each wolf is out for themselves. But we see something different in Pride. We instantly begin to care and root for her when she goes without food to feed her aging bunkmates. Only problem is, Pride has to hide the empathy she has for others, because showing compassion in the compound can be used to break her. And Pride refuses to be broken.

When she learns her master intends to breed her with a wolf she despises, she knows she has to run, but running comes with its own obstacles, especially when she joins forces with Logan, the young wolf she was sent to hunt and bring back to her master.

What I love most about Pride is the way she faces obstacles—and she has many to face over the course of the series! I put her in grave dangers, but gave her the inner strength to fight her way out. Even when she makes mistakes, we can forgive her because we know she is young and simply trying the best way she knows how to survive. Her failures as well as her successes help shape her and prepare her for the real world, and watching Logan teach her to trust, to survive in the wild, to live and laugh and most importantly to cry, still tugs on my heartstrings. 

Her journey of self discovery is so real, and so emotional, and seeing the world through her eyes was an amazing experience as a writer. As a reader I hope you enjoy Pride’s journey and are swept away into her world every bit as much as I was.  

- Cat Kalen

You can download your own copy of Pride's Run now and to learn more about the genre be sure to stop by RT's Everything YA Page!