The Cats Win The Day!

We here at the RT offices are riffing on a Cat Fancy vibe this sunny Friday afternoon, as we selected winners of our White Cat contest, which ran in our May issue.

Winners will get a copy of Holly Black's new series starter, White Cat, out now from Margaret K. McElderry, and one grand prize winner will receive a signed advanced review copy from Black herself. And since Black adopted a -- you guessed it -- white cat while writing the book, and also because we are totally cat crazy, we got readers to send in pictures of their cats as contest entries. The only problem? It was basically impossible to pick our favorite cats as winners! We love all your cats! They're all adorable and cat-astic. Thanks for participating, everyone.

Runner up #5 Bandit (left) and Spot

Runner up #4 Pursey
(Pursey looks just like a baby version of our office cat, Dylan!)

Runner up #3 Matilda

Runner up #2: Fred

Runner up #1: Gracie

Grand Prize Winner: Sandra's cat, who clearly loves books as much as we do!