Caught On The Cover: August 2013

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on cover", their likenesses spotted on some August new releases. Check out who we found:


Emma Roberts, aka Julia Robert’s niece, shares some of her aunt’s famous good looks. She also, it seems, shares those same pretty woman looks with the cover model of Shana Abé’s The Deepest Night.




Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen is gracing a new front cover — that of Lindsey Piper’s Blood Warrior. And wouldn’t fellow former Victoria Secret model Tyra Banks be proud, because that Gisele lookalike is fierce!




What’s better than Clive Owen? Oh, just a Clive Owen that is sporting a pair of wings to whisk us away. BRB, we’re just going to stare and drool over this cover of Meljean Brook’s latest Guardian novel.




Australian actress Francis O’Connor is currently wowing us as Rose Selfridge on the awesome PBS series Mr. Selfridge, while her doppelganger moonlights as a gorgeously gowned lady on the cover of Karen Ranney’s The Devil of Clan Sinclair.




Actress Elisabeth Röhm is best known for her role as Law &Order’s Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn. But maybe she should consider some historical roles. Her lookalike heroine from Philippa Gregory’s The White Princess is really pulling off that regal air.




Gossip Girl may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to Chuck Bass. Actor Ed Westwick’s mirror image appears on Bailey Cunningham’s Pile of Bones.




While the heroine on Nancy Martin’s Little Black Book of Murder doesn’t quite have Jessica Rabbit’s ‘assets’, but these illustrated dames both know the power of a tight dress and flame red hair.



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