Caught On The Cover: February 2013

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on cover", their likenesses spotted on some February new releases. Check out who we found:


Kate Hudson taught us How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. But her golden-haired lookalike, on the cover of Jane Ashford’s latest, must have a different outlook on love — she’s Once Again A Bride




She's one of our favorite sparkly vamps, but Ashley Greene (aka Twilight’s Alice Cullen) looks like she’s playing for the other side on the cover of Undercover Wolf by Linda O. Johnston. Alice and Jacob? We can get behind that fanfic!



She came close to winning American Idol as a contestant and she has a hit show, Smash, on NBC. Now there’s this triple-alarm hot cover of a heroine who looks a lot like Katharine McPhee. Sex and the Single Fireman? Yes, please. 




Anna Kendrick sang her way into our hearts with her latest romantic comedy, Pitch Perfect. No diggity? No doubt! But her hipness doesn’t stop there. Check out the cover model on Deirdre Martin’s Hip Check. Can’t tell us that doesn’t look like Kendrick. Play on, playa. 



Have you seen ABC’s Scandal? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. With Kerry Washington (from Django Unchained) as the star, it’s one engaging political thriller. We’re so obsessed with it that we’re starting to see Washington everywhere — even on the cover of Beverly Jenkin’s Destiny’s Embrace!



Martha Plimpton plays young grandma Virginia Chance on Raising Hope. On the cover of Jerry Eicher’s Katie Opens Her Heart, Plimpton appears to have taken on another role — that of a young Amish woman!


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