Caught On The Cover: June 2013

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on cover", their likenesses spotted on some May new releases. Check out who we found:


With such a beautiful face, it’s hard to forget Firefly and Homeland’s Morena Baccarin. That’s why the name of the Brazilian actress immediately came to mind when we realized that the lovely lady gracing the cover of Nicole Jordan’s Lover Be Mine looks just like her.




The feisty heroine of Jenn Bennett’s Binding the Shadows has more than just a passing resemblance to Aubrey Plaza and her Parks and Recreation’s character, the bitingly sarcastic April Ludgate. But then again, we can’t see apathetic April mustering up the managerial skills to run a demon-friendly tiki bar. 



We’ve watched Kate Beckinsale star opposite such hotties as Scott Speedman (Underworld), Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), and Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing). So when we spotted her look-a-alike with another cutie on the cover of Cindi Madsen’s Act Like You Love Me, we were justifiably miffed. C’mon Beckinsale. Leave some of the men for the rest of us!




The Widow of Gettysburg seems familiar to us — is it because she resembles Australian actress Emily Browning? Crikey! It seems like she’s traded the land down under for a land divided. 



Known for her role as Dr. Allison Blake on the sci-fi hit Eureka, actress Salli Richardson seems to have landed herself on the contemporary, most-definitely-not-sci-fi, cover of Mary Monroe’s latest. And we couldn’t have been happier to spot her!




Oh, Sami. That’s a common refrain you may have made if you were a fan of Days of Our Lives and Allison Sweeney’s sometimes misguided character. And it doesn’t take a huge stretch of imagination to see Sami on the cover of  Talia Vance’s Spies and Prejudice, because the blonde Sami-clone has that same “I’m up to something” face down pat.




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