Caught On The Cover: March 2013

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on cover", their likenesses spotted on some March new releases. Check out who we found:


With the way NBC keeps kicking Community around, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the show’s stars trying out other gigs. And is it just us, or does the cover model of Amber Benson’s The Golden Age of Death look a lot like Alison Brie? Hmmm ….




Snoop Dogg said it best: “Oh Sookie.” The blonde bombshell of True Blood, played by Anna Paquin, just can’t be contained. The cover of Kathleen Tierney’s Blood Oranges features an up-close shot of a woman with a Sookie-like smirk — and it seems she’s been sneaking a little Tru Blood. 



When we first caught a glimpse of Anne Bishop’s Written in Red, our first thought was: “She’s on the cover? Her??” If you’re a fan of the soon-to-be resurrected comedy series Arrested Development, you’ll know that we’re talking about Mae Whitman. She played Ann aka “Her,” the girl who always seemed to melt into the background. But her fierce lookalike is all front and center here!




There was a time when the appearance of Kat Walsh annoyed the heck out of us. Who was this Addison and why was she getting in the way of our favorite Grey’s Anatomy couple? But then she went and got her own Private Practice and all was right with network television. Except it seems like she wasn’t content with that move, ‘cause it seems like the actress also made her way onto the cover of Victoria Holt’s The India Fan.



According to recent tabloids, this year’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is in a bit of a jam. He has only one rose to give, but two lady loves. What’s a good-looking man to do? Maybe he should look to the cover of Katriena Knight’s Dealing with David for inspiration. It features a guy who looks just like Sean, but this Sean has eyes for only one woman. 


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