Caught On Cover: November 2011

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on cover", their likenesses lifted for November's new releases. Check out who we spotted:

It looks like Amy Acker is returning to the urban fantasy genre — and we couldn't be happier!




If You Give A Girl A Viscount: funny book. Leslie Mann: funny girl. 



Joaquin sure was tempting before he went to crazy-town.



Keira Knightley, with all those period pieces it was inevitable you'd be caught on a historical cover.



Looks like Lauren Dane stole fellow author Vicki Petterssen’s likeness for her cover. We approve, Petterssen is red-hot!



Even in print, Gina Bellman uses her assets for leverage. (P.S. If you aren’t watching Leverage already, we suggest you start — ASAP.)


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