Caught On The Cover: September 2012

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on the cover", their likenesses spotted on some September new releases. Check out who we found:

You can ask the California court system, but these days it’s probably easier to capture a countess than it is to pin down Lindsay Lohan. Yet here’s her likeness on the cover of Karen Hawkins' latest!




Hunky Jensen Ackles certainly was born to bite, especially since he’s the star of the smash hit paranormal series Supernatural. Is it a freaky coincidence that he seems to appear on this cover? Quick, someone send the Winchester brothers to investigate!



It’s been awhile since we last saw Jennifer Garner in an Alias-style undercover getup. But her doppelganger is pulling off a good facsimile of the Jen we know and love!




Is the former SNL funny girl Kristen Wiig trading in her bridesmaid title for that of mistress? It would seem so after catching a glimpse of a woman who looks just like her on the cover of a Maya Banks book.



Ann Ward, the winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15, probably never expected her prize pack to include the cover of a romance novel, but her carbon copy is looking fierce on the cover of Love’s Reckoning. Can’t you just hear Tyra in the background demanding that she "smize"?



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