Caught On The Cover: September 2013

This month several of our favorite celebrities were "caught on the cover," their likenesses spotted on some September new releases. Check out who we found:


We were bummed when Jaime Pressly's hilarious show My Name is Earl was cancelled, so we're so happy to see she's hanging at a castle, all comfy in her Chucks.




Eric Winter hatched from an egg on Days of Our Lives, and now he's on Witches of East End, with a stop off on Robin Bielman's book cover. Rex, tell Stefano we say hey!




Surely Gilmore Girls fans remember Paris, aka Liza Weil. Poor Liza doesn't look any more relaxed, all snuggled against this hero, than she did when trying to beat Rory in calculus.




You knew Angelina Jolie was a superwoman — did you also know she travelled back in time, and was A Runaway Countess? Is there nothing she can't do?



We've always coveted Nicole Kidman's red curls. Now we also want that hat.




All right, General Hospital fans, this one's for you. New Morgan may be nefarious and scheming and generally a dolt, maybe we could relinquish him to Katie MacAlister's universe? (No offense, Bryan Craig.)



True story: Parker Posey was filming in Pittsburg during the RT convention, in 2008. We ran into her out and about. Maybe Erin Quinn did too, and Parker agreed to moonlight on her cover?! As we all know, anything's possible at RT.



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