C.C. Gibbs' Perfect Holiday Gifts For A Billionaire

While winning the heart of a billionaire appears to be a perfect fantasy, we feel for these erotic romance heroines when it comes to choosing a gift for their affluent heroes. Because what on earth could you give a man who has everything? Today C.C. Gibbs, author of the All or Nothing trilogy, imagines an HEA between her hero — Dominic Knight, CEO of venture-capital company Knight Enterprise, and Kate Hart — the company's latest recruit. It's Christmas Eve and Dominic is unwrapping his gifts from Kate ...

Kate was seated by the tree. They’d finished putting all the children’s presents beneath the glittering tree and Dominic was opening a bottle of champagne.

A moment later, he carried over two flutes, handed one to Kate, then sat down beside her. “Cheers, baby,” he said softly, raising his glass. “You’re my best present of all.” Leaning over, he kissed her gently, then slid his finger over the new string of large emeralds circling her neck. “Perfect with your eyes.” He grinned. “I should buy an emerald mine.”

“Don’t you dare,” she murmured, but she was smiling too. “You spoil me enough already.”

“I like to spoil you. It makes me happy.”

“I don’t have any fancy jewelry for you,” Kate said. “But you might like what I have for you anyway.”

“Baby, you don’t have to give me anything at all. You gave me love, a family and a wonderful life.” He took a small breath. “I never expected to have any of it.”

Her heart always gave a little lurch when she thought about Dominic’s horrendous childhood, of all he’d had to overcome. “Just so you know, you’re never getting rid of me, okay?” she teased, wanting to ease the hurt in his eyes.

He suddenly laughed. “So I’m stuck with you?”

“Damn right. And I expect you to gush over my homemade presents too.”

He smiled. “I’m on it.”

Drawing out a small, flat package from under the tree, she handed it to him.

When he opened it, he went still. He held a small framed photo of their two young children, their names scribbled across the bottom.

“I helped Jimmy. But Rosie wrote her name herself.” Jimmy was ten months old, Rosie was three.

Having regained his composure, Dominic said, lightly, “They‘re smart like their mother. I love it, baby. It’s wonderful.”

“Here’s another.” Kate held out a thick, twelve inch high, cylindrical package.

After unwrapping it, he began unrolling the long scroll, Glancing up, Dominic smiled. “Nana’s idea?”

“Partly. Mine too. All the kids were thrilled to do it.” Dominic had paid for a new grade school in Kate’s home town and every school child had signed their name with a thank you.

“Jesus, baby, you know how to make me feel good. Thanks,” he said, his heart in his eyes.

“One more and I’m guessing this will make you feel super good.”

Taking the small booklet from her, he started flipping through the hand-written pages. “Nice gift,” He grinned. “Who’s it for?”

Kate winked. “I figure it’s a win/win.” She given him a coupon book of sex entertainments.

“Hmmm.” He started flipping again, then looked up. “Overnight in the playroom? Really?”

“Maybe on your birthday. If Melanie will take the kids.”

He laughed. “You’re on, baby. I’ll make sure Mel does. Seriously though, this is the sweetest gift I’ve ever had. God, I love you.” He swallowed hard, then whispered, “You have no idea … 

- C.C. Gibbs

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