Charity Auction Sells Professional Writing Services To Highest Bidders

During the holiday season it’s always lovely to get into the giving — and receiving — spirit a little bit early. Charity auctions are the perfect way to both give to those less fortunate and get a little something for yourself. That “little something” doesn’t always have to be an exotic vacation or a snazzy piece of jewelry (although, we wouldn’t be complaining if we won either of those things ... ), there are many organizations that auction off professional writing services and opportunities for new and aspiring authors. One such charity auction is run by the talented literary agent Irene Goodman.

Goodman has been part of the publishing industry for years, representing many popular authors such as Keri Arthur, Jamie Freveletti, Sophie Littlefield and Larissa Ione. But bestselling authors aren’t the only writers who benefit from Goodman’s talents. In addition to running her own literary agency, Goodman also heads Publishing for Vision and Hearing, a charity auction that sells the professional services of agents, authors and editors to the highest bidder. The auction’s proceeds are then donated to organizations such as Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Deafness Research Foundation and others that aid in the research of cures for blindness and deafness-related conditions, one of which Goodman’s son suffers from.

By bidding in this auction, authors (both published and aspiring) can both donate to Publishing for Vision and Hearing’s cause and benefit from the prizes they win. These items range from full manuscript critiques to one-on-one lunch meetings from various authors, editors and literary agents. (We have our eyes on the Debbie Macomber critique and the lunch with Boyd Morrison.)

The bidding begins today; most bids start at $350 and auctions last for about 30-35 days.

You can learn more at Publishing for Vision and Hearing’s website. Or get into the giving spirit with one of these two other literary-inspired charity auctions: Save the Libraries and Magick 4 Terri. If we’ve missed one of your favorite ways to give (and receive) let us know in the comments below!