Cheaper By The Dozen - This Week's Hot E-Book Deals

One of our favorite features of the e-revolution is the sheer amount of books you can pack into such a tiny digital device. But what do you do when the growing number of new reads causes your wallet to shrink uncomfortably? Shop the e-book deals, of course! In this column we highlight some of our favorite book buys that will cost you less than a medium-sized coffee. 

Historical Romance

Devil's Kiss by Zoe Archer


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Contemporary Romance

My Last Blind Date by Susan Hatler

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Young Adult

Suburban Girl's Rebellion by India Lee

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Series Romance

Maxwell's Smile by Michele Hauf

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Romantic Suspense

Reluctant Protector by Nana Malone

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The Truant Officer by Derek Ciccone

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Science Fiction

Whatever Gods May Be by George P. Saunders

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Kamikaze by Moira Rogers

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Paranormal Romance    

Taken By The Alpha Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

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Human Sister by Jim Bainbridge

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Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot

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Classic Fiction

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

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