Checking In With Maya Banks' Kelly Group International - With Giveaway

Maya Banks’ legion of dedicated fans grew even larger when the author introduced her Kelly Group International romantic suspense series in 2010. KGI is a private special ops security force that is sent in when others fail. But making enemies out of the most dangerous terrorists in the world is not without its price — darkness and violence haunts all of the Kelly brothers, which often means that the women in their lives are put in peril. Most of the time these ladies are saved by their guys, but what I love about these women is their will to survive. However, their experiences are not without consequences. Banks doesn’t let these ladies off this easy or whitewash the abuse they suffer.

No Kelly woman has been more tortured than Rachel from The Darkest Hour. The first couple to get their story, Rachel and Ethan have plenty of unresolved issues. And Banks takes another look into their marriage with “Softly at Sunrise” a novella releasing this week. This story shows the beautiful relationship that has blossomed in the harshest of realities. My favorite part of the novella is that it shows Rachel is not a victim. When faced with a dangerous situation, she uses her smarts and bravery to get herself out of the mess. Interested in getting caught up with Rachel and the rest of the Kelly brothers? The e-novella “Softly at Sunrise” releases tomorrow, but you can win a copy now. Just read through my list of why I love each of the KGI books, and then shoot me a message about why you love Maya’s books, and you could win! 



The Darkest Hour

The Set Up: Rachel Kelly has been kidnapped and is presumed dead. She has been tortured by her captors for over a year, when her almost-ex husband Ethan rescues her. Rachel is in pain, going through withdrawal from the drugs forced on her and also suffering memory loss. Ethan is dedicated to doing his best to help her recover, but with his own feelings of guilt added to the mix, is reconciliation possible?

My Favorite Part: The story’s emotional punch. Banks puts readers front and center to witness the raw, rough abuse that Rachel has faced. Be prepared to follow Rachel, and her estranged family, on the long, long road to healing. 



No Place to Run

The Set Up: Months ago Sophie Lundgren disappeared from Sam Kelly’s life without a word. When she turns up just as suddenly, she is pregnant with Sam’s baby and she is on the run. Stalked by mercenaries, Sophie risks her life, and the life of her unborn baby, to warn Sam of the threat. But even KGI might not be able to stop the madman looking for revenge.

My Favorite Part: Watching Sophie and Sam bond over impending parenthood. Sure, Sam may be as tough as nails in the field, but let him feel a baby bump and he is putty in Sophie’s hands ... 



Hidden Away

The Set Up: After being sexually assaulted and having her brother avenge her, Sarah Daniels is on the run and hoping to protect her sibling by staying hidden. Sarah’s nerves are at the breaking point because she is alone and unwilling to trust anyone, including her sexy new neighbor. Garrett Kelly needs to find Sarah’s brother and fast. But she just isn’t talking. But when he realizes the danger she is in, Garrett can’t blame her one bit. However, failure for Garrett is not an option and neither is losing the woman he has grown to love.

My Favorite Part: Garrett’s mile wide protective streak. This hero’s need to take care of Sarah is not just something he does, it is who he is. Garrett is an amazing character with many hidden layers, and each one is more interesting than the last. 


Whispers in the Dark

The Set Up: Nathan Kelly has been captured and is now being tortured by his enemies. Unable to get word to his family, he must rely on a woman half a world away for help. The only problem is that she is just a voice in his head, and may not be real. Shea Peterson is telepathic and she has unwittingly “locked” onto Nathan. Unwilling to witness his torture, Shea helps Nathan escape just in time for him to return the favor and free Shea from the enemies who are hunting her.

My Favorite Part: Paranormal activity! The mind-to-mind communication between the hero and heroine creates an intimate bond between the couple. You’ve heard of love at first sight — get ready for love at first mind-meld. 


Echoes at Dawn

The Set Up: Grace Peterson is not only a telepath, but she also has the ability to heal people, even from long distances. She doesn’t know exactly who is after her, but she does know that her best chance for freedom is laying low. However, she cannot escape Rio’s attention. KGI has set their best soldier to protect Grace. But when enemies get the upper hand, it may be up to Grace to save Rio and not the other way around.

My Favorite Part: A non-Kelly hero! While Rio is a KGI operative, he is not related to the Kelly clan. And while I can’t say that I don’t dream about the next Kelly brother to get his HEA, I will admit that I am thrilled this series will go on long after we run out Kellys.


I’ve told you my favorite parts of each book in Maya Banks’ KGI series — now you tell me yours. Tweet a photo of you with your favorite Maya Banks book with the label #MayaBanksRTBR and you will be entered to win a copy of “Softly at Sunrise”. You can also Facebook the photo to Maya Banks or RT BOOK REVIEWS or email us here. You’ve got until Friday, so let’s see those photos, which will be shared online with other readers!