Christi Barth On How To Have A Successful Summer Fling (Hint: Don’t Bring Your Family)

Summer means warm weather, vacations and lots of beach or poolside relaxation. It also means for us single folks a chance at a summer fling! But what's the right strategy for making your summer romance unforgettable? According to Christi Barth, managing family is the key. Today the author is here to share her advice, and some excerpts from her summer romance Love at High Tide, to help you navigate the waters of summer lovin'.

For a summer fling, you basically need sun, sand, and a willing (and cute!) member of the preferred sex. Seems simple, right? No obvious obstacles. If it gets too hot, you jump in the ocean/lake/pool. If it rains, you get cuddle time on the couch. If it gets late, it is warm enough to fall asleep under the stars. But often times summer vacations come with a very unwelcome obstacle: family.

Whether you’re at the family cabin, a family reunion, or the family beach house (do you sense a theme?), nothing can block impending romance like your nearest and dearest. Here’s an example from my very own beach fling book, Love At High Tide:

He stepped closer to the edge of a white and red striped towel, squatted, and picked up a phone. After checking the display he winced. “Ten minutes in the water and I racked up seven missed calls. Unbelievable.”

Getting a better look at his shoulders as broad as a chalkboard, Darcy assumed the calls were all from international lingerie models who’d do anything to be the next notch on his headboard. But instead of stating the obvious, she popped out a platitude. “Busy guy. Work won’t leave you alone on vacation?”

Again, that indefinable shadow slipped across his eyes, as fast as a blip on a sonar screen. “I wish. No, it’s my family. My well-intentioned, overprotective, smothering, annoying family.” Cooper shook his head, sending water droplets in a fine spray across the sand. “I’d better call them back. It’s the only way to stop the madness.”

I’ve got friends who live less than five miles from their parents, and field calls three or four times a day. During the work day. Imagine how often those well-meaning mothers call ‘just to check in’ when their precious offspring are hundreds of miles away! Nothing takes the zing out of a flirtatious volley like a call from mom. But phone calls aren’t the only problem. The bigger issue is when they insert themselves into your vacation spot:

“Bradley’s coming to stay with you,” Cammie said.

The hell he was. Not that Coop had anything against his cousin. They’d grown up as close as brothers. But things were going well with Darcy. Assuming he didn’t screw it up, they’d hopefully need an empty house all to themselves in the next few days. Plus, Brad came with a bucket full of his own shit to deal with right now. Whoever came up with this bright idea better not expect any presents from Coop come Christmas.

Kind of tough to make out on the couch when your cousin is sitting on the other end of it watching a ball game. As much as you love your family, the goal of a summer fling is to get some lovin’ (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So please share your stories — ever tiptoed past a snoring sister to meet a hunk on the sly? Snuck out to ‘grab something at the store’ at well past sunset and the only thing you returned with was a hickey? Summer fling interruptus — we want to know all about yours!

- Christi Barth

Let us know your summer fling story! And be sure to pick up Love at High Tide, available digitally now. For more sexy romances, visit our Everything Romance Page.