Christine Feehan's Who's The Heroine Contest - Clue #2

Paranormal author and fan favorite Christine Feehan has kept readers in the dark about the heroine of her newest Dark novel, Dark Predator. In order to celebrate the release of this latest book, the author is inviting readers to work through a series of clues hosted on various websites to guess the lifemate of the ancient Carpathian Zacarias. To keep fans guessing, only a limited excerpt from the book has been released and no advance review copies of the book have been mailed. But this heroine who remains shrouded in mystery is about to get her big reveal. Yesterday fans visiting Feehan's website learned that Zacarias' lifemate has long, dark hair. And now for the second clue: 

Want to make your guess for who the heroine is? You can on September 5th when the contest form is posted on The FAN site. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win a signed copy of Dark Predator, a “Feehanista Carpathian” T-Shirt, and a basket of Christine Feehan goodies.

Go here for the complete list of rules.


Although the author was mum about the Zacarias' mystery match, she gave RT's Morgan a candid look at her writing process and more in this mini interview!


You have created many, many, many heroines over the course of your career (including your yet-to-be revealed heroine in Dark Predator...), would you say there is a theme or a central trait that your female characters tend to share?

They share courage and the love of family.

As a fan of your Carpathian series I already know why I love Zacarias (dark, brooding, powerful). But what about him first appeals to your heroine?

I think his honor is what first appeals to her as a woman.

In general, when a potential hero and heroine are brewing in your brain, what are some of the aspects that factor into your decision to match them together?

I think there is someone out there for everyone and at the end of the day believing that the characters are going to stay together forever. Whatever has shaped their lives, their values and needs causes them to fit each other.

Do your characters get to decide on their own love lives, or do you pull the strings?

They definitely decide and they drive me crazy! It can be very annoying for me as a writer. I want to go one direction with the story and they go in a completely different one.

Dark Predator will be your 22nd Carpathian novel and so far you have yet to repeat yourself. Each story is completely different from the others and your characters are all so unique. What’s your trick for keeping things fresh? 

I write other books in between them. I let the main characters come to me slowly so the characters become 3 dimensional and whole. I know what motivates them to be who they are.

Readers have been following your Carpathians for a long time; we are even on to the second generation! Is there any end in sight?

Not for a while. I have quite a few books percolating in my head. Each book is an individual love story. As long as I can keep the stories fresh I want to continue. 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reach out to my readers. I have a community on my website where I visit and answer my reader’s questions. Readers can also find out more information about my FAN convention here, where I spend an entire weekend with my readers. It is very small and intimate so I can get to know my readers individually.


Dark Predator will hit stores in two weeks but in the meantime be sure to try your luck at figuring out the identity of Zacarias' heroine and enter to win the gift basket that includes a signed copy of the new novel!

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