Classic Elements In The November Harlequin Historical Romances

November's Harlequin Historicals contain a bevy of our favorite tropes! There's everything a reader could want, from ghostly visitors to misbehaving children in need of a little tough love. We're sure that this month's offerings will satisfy your craving for a classic story. But if you are looking for a snoozefest, pass these books by — there are no tired tropes here; these talented authors each put their own special twist on these timeless tales.


The Lone Rancher
By Carol Finch

Classic trope: The heads of two neighboring ranches fight their mutual attraction.

Quinn Cahill took over his family's ranch after his parents' mysterious deaths. However, he quickly runs into trouble with his neighbor, the feisty Adrianna McKnight. Can these two ranchers overcome their dislike for each other in the face of a common enemy?

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A Regency Christmas Carol
By Christine Merrill

Classic trope: Ghosts visit a man in need of redemption.

Mill owner Joseph Stafford has a serious problem on his hands, one of his workers has organized a protest that has shut down the mill. But can that worker's lovely daughter, Barbara Lampett, — and a trio of holiday ghosts — help Joseph see that this money-minded man has been focusing on the wrong goal all along?

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Gift-Wrapped Governess
By Sophia James, Annie Burrows and Marguerite Kaye

Classic tropes: A pack of misbehaving children, a Plain Jane heroine and a pretend family all play a part in stories in this holiday-themed collection!

Can governess Seraphina Moreton teach Trey Standford's children some rules and win their father's heart during "Christmas at Blackhaven"? In "Governess to Christmas Bride" Lord Martin Chepstow learns to see his family friend, the plain miss Honeysuckle Miller, in new — and enchanting — ways. And finally, the Duke of Blairmore convinces his childhood friend (and her young half-siblings) to pose as his family members — but will their fiction become reality after Regan Stuart steals the Duke's heart in "Duchess by Christmas"?

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The Lady Gambles
By Carole Mortimer

Classic trope: The threat of an evil guardian forces a beautiful young woman to leave home.

Caro Copeland refuses to live under the thumb of her soon-to-be-guardian, so she heads to London and secures a post as a masked singer in a gambling club. The club's new owner, Dominic Vaughn, doesn't want her in his establishment. But, when mysterious accidents start to occur in Caro's presence, Dominic discovers he will do whatever it takes to keep this miss safe!

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Courting Miss Vallois
By Gail Whitiker

Classic trope: A rich benefactor gives a young woman a season, only to fall in love with her himself.

After the French Vallois siblings help save English Lord Robert Silverton's life, he repays them by providing Sophie and Antoine with a place to stay in London — his own house. But soon Robert is falling in love with the beautiful Sophie, and Antoine begins a relationship with Robert's sister. Are there wedding bells in the future for these two couples or will old prejudices keep them apart?

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The Brigadier's Daughter
By Catherine March

Classic trope: A sham marriage leads to a true love.

When Sasha Packard agrees to "marry" Captain Reid Bowen, neither expects the fake marriage to inspire real feelings between them. But as they spend time together, love blossoms. When Sasha's spoiled younger sister reappears and threatens all they hold dear, will this union be strong enough to survive the troubles ahead?

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