Comic Book Superheroes Get A Makeover

DC Comics is rebooting classic comic franchises including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Over 50 superheroes will be getting new stories, costumes and, in some cases, different sidekicks.

DC will soon be releasing new #1 issues of these series, which in some cases will completely rewrite the pasts of some of the world’s greatest fictional heroes.

The first set of characters to get a makeover is the Justice League of America. A new version of the League will be releasing in comic form at the end of August. Another title slated to release is a reboot of Superman who will be eschewing his iconic red trunks for solid blue pants.

DC is courting a younger reading audience with these changes, hoping to make inroads with new readers. And while some see this move as a fresh start, others consider these rewritten comics a blow to the legacy of childhood role models. Let us know what you think in the comments below.