Continuing Paranormal Series to Curl Up With in December

Gearing up for the holiday season can take a lot out of a person. Sometimes your own life is complicated enough and you just want to curl up with a good book about characters you already know from an author you know you enjoy. Here are four of our paranormal picks for series continuing this month, with a special message from each author about what fans can expect in this installment of their series!


Title & Author: Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands

Series: An Argeneau novel

Series Description: The Argeneau's are protectors - they hunt down renegade vampires and help save innocents. But sometimes their best intentions are put to the test when they find their one true love... 

Lynsay Sands on her latest Argeneau story: "Hungry For You is the 14th book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series. This one is about Alex Willan, the eldest of the Willan sisters and the only one that Sam has not been able to get ‘hooked up’ with an immortal yet. Sam can’t bear the thought of leaving her sisters behind so she has refused to be turned by her life mate, Mortimer, until she finds life mates for her sisters too. Alex, a successful chef and restauranteur, is attempting to expand her business, but it’s been riddled with bad luck. At the start of the story her most immediate problem is finding a chef to replace the one that was just poached by her competitor. Sam wants Alex to meet Cale Argeneau, one of Martine Argeneau's older sons from Europe, and knows the frazzled Alex won’t pay him any attention with everything else going wrong. So Sam sends him to be Alex’s replacement chef. The only problem is that Cale is old, very old and hasn’t eaten, much less cooked anything, in centuries. Now the question is whether Cale can help Alex keep her business afloat and get her to notice him long enough to see who he really is . . . the love of her life."



Title & Author: Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs 

Series: Gods of the Night

Series Description: It's a race to save the world for the shape shifting predators in this series about the Mayan 2012 prophecy.

Nina Bangs on her newest story: "Eternal Prey is Utah’s story. Up until now, he’s had a blast being human while kicking immortal butt. But when vampires kill his brother, his ancient predator’s soul won’t be denied. He abandons the rest of the Eleven along with their struggle to save humanity from the coming apocalypse on December 21, 2012. Instead, he frees his beast and takes his best shot at making Portland a bloodsucker-free zone. With hate driving him, he unleashes savagery not seen on Earth for millions of years. The leader of the Eleven, Fin, makes one last effort to rein him in. He teams Utah up with Lia, the mortal head of the Northeast vampires. Lunacy or genius? Pure brilliance, because as Utah walks that thin line between love and hate, Lia pulls him down on the side of love."




Title & Author: Stranger by Zoe Archer

Series: Blades of the Rose 

Series Description: These historical paranormal adventures are full of kick-butt characters and fast-paced action. The characters are world travelers finding and protecting magic while falling in love. 

Zoe Archer on her series ender: "Stranger is the fourth book in the Blades of the Rose series, and we finally get Catullus Graves's story! Catullus must race to prevent a magical global catastrophe. It's going to take all of his brain power to keep the villainous Heirs of Albion from destroying the world as we know it. Catullus is the genius inventor for the Blades, and his skill with diabolical devices is almost matched by his awkwardness around women. Fortunately for Catullus, his companion on this adventure is the gutsy, never-say-no journalist Gemma Murphy. There's danger on every side, but nothing's quite as explosive as the attraction between the inventor and the reporter."


Title & Author: Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Series: Guardians of Eternity

Series Description: Battles between Good and Evil abound in these dark vampire tales.  

Alexandra Ivy on her newest Guardian novel: "Devoured by Darkness follows Tane, the vampire assassin who was introduced in Beyond the Darkness. The story begins with him in pursuit of the half-breed Jinn, Laylah, through the caves along the Mississippi River. He intends a simple snatch and grab of the forbidden creature, but the best laid plans of Mice and Vampires goes to hell when he discovers Laylah is protecting a child who might very well hold the key to Armageddon."



We want to know, what new series novel are you anxiously anticipating?