Could You Handle Stephanie Tyler's Defiance Universe? Take The Quiz!

Sometimes a great book comes along and you just want to curl up and live inside the author's world. Stephanie Tyler's latest New Adult title, Defiance, is definitely set in an exciting universe. But according to Tyler, this setting is a rough one where only the strongest survive. Tyler's series starter introduces readers to a motorcycle club that faces an apocalyptic situation called the Chaos. Before you decide you want to hop on a Harley and join Tyler's outlaws, learn more about this disaster and take the author's quiz to decide if you could handle this brave new world.

My new book, Defiance, is the first in a series of New Adult motorcycle club, post-apocalyptic books. You’ll meet the Defiance MC, a group of Harley-riding alpha males and the women who love them, and you’ll see how they’re dealing with what they call The Chaos. Here's a more elaborate explanation from the book:

The Chaos, as it was later named, was a series of environmental destruction triggered when several meteors hit the earth. Two had landed close to active volcanoes and set off a domino effect in the atmosphere as well as volcanic eruptions. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Wild weather, all within a week’s time, all around the earth. 

How severely your corner of the world would be affected depends on where you live in relation to where the meteors hit. The farther you are, the less damage you would’ve sustained to your city and state’s infrastructure, the less severe the storms would be and it would also impact how much climate change you’d see. For everyone, the sun is covered with a volcanic ash, and although it’s believed the sun will come back out, the world is dependent on a satellite, developed by scientists for this very purpose. The satellite punches a hole in the atmosphere, sending sunlight to different portions of the world, so everyone has sunlight once every two weeks. It’s strong enough to stop most of the environmental catastrophes that would’ve occurred otherwise, allowing plants to grow, and allowing people to get the necessary sunlight. 

I began to write it after Hurricane Sandy, although that was certainly not the first disaster to catch my attention. And while I’m a doomsday pepper at heart, I’m a complete amateur compared to the Defiance MC and their underground tube system that allowed them to survive the Chaos with relative ease.

So take the quiz to see if you could possible handle the Chaos — and if you’d be able to hang with the Defiance MC.

For each question, simply answer yes or no, and then see the score chart below!

1. Do you like the dark?

2. Can you handle spaces that might be considered slightly claustrophobic?

3. Can you ride a Harley or date someone who does?

4. Are you prepared to create and enforce your own set of community laws?

5. Do you like tattoos?

6. Are you loyal to your friends?

7. Can you handle inconsistent supply of hot water and electricity?

8. Can you live without TV?

9. Can you live without the internet?

10. Give yourself one extra point for each of the following you can answer yes to:

Do you currently have a stockpile of water? 

Batteries or candles? 

A generator? 

BONUS QUESTION: Give yourself one point if you know sign language.


You earn 1 point for every 'yes' answer and zero points for every 'no'. 

If you scored between 10 & 13 points: OLD LADY!

You’re an apocalyptic dream! The Defiance MC would like to recruit you as an Old Lady immediately. You’ll get a tattoo and plenty of rides … on a Harley.

If you scored between 5 & 9 points: PROBIE!

You’re not a doomsday prepper yet, but you certainly have potential. Perhaps some practice sitting in a dark, underground room with a sunlamp and a paperback book would make the Defiance MC consider you more seriously.

If you scored between: 0 & 4 points: CIVILIAN!

As of right now, you won’t survive the Chaos — and you definitely wouldn’t survive the MC. Perhaps getting a tattoo would be a good place to start remedying this immediately. And remember, three gallons of water per person per day for three weeks is a great rule of thumb!

- Stephanie Tyler

Do you have what it takes to survive the Chaos? Let us know in the comments! And download a copy of Defiance, available now from digital retailers. For more New Adult fiction, visit our Everything Young Adult Page.