Cover Breakdown: A Swoon Reads 2-For-1 With Save Me and The Boy Next Door

You’ve heard the ‘ol “Don’t judge a book by its cover” cliché. Well, Swoon Reads actually does want you to do some judging. The teen romance imprint encourages its readers to participate in the publishing process by rating stories and selecting final covers for published works. Romance lovers were able to vote on their favorite covers for the imprint’s second and third releases, Jenny Elliott's Save Me (Jan. 6, 2015) and Katie Van Ark's The Boy Next Door (Feb. 3, 2015). Check out the final results — they’ll make you swoon!

First up, is Elliott's Save Me! Let's take a look:

Things were looking up for Cara. Sure, she had just been knocked into the freezing waters of Liberty, Oregon by a whale, but the bond she formed with her rescuer, David, becomes something deep … until she finds out he is unattainable. She doesn’t receive any consolation from her witchcraft-dabbling best friend, plus she now has to concern herself with a stalker. Garren, her handsome new friend, seems trustworthy, but after all that has happened, can Cara really be sure?

Time for the breakdown!

Next we have The Boy Next Door:

On the ice, Maddy and Gabe are skating partners, but off the ice, they’re friends who’ve always wanted something more. Maddy has seen Gabe with a new girl in his arms roughly every two weeks and Gabe feels that he can only view Maddy as his skating partner if they want any chance at the gold. But what will happen when their coach throws them for a loop with a romantic skating program?

Ready for the breakdown?

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