Cover Chat: Copperhead By Tina Connolly

Author Tina Connolly is set to continue the story told in her debut novel Ironskin with the upcoming Copperhead. And although the sequel doesn't hit shelves until September 2013, the author has just revealed the book's shiny new cover. And I have to say, this art is just as gorgeous as Ironskin's cover, and actually reminds me of a more "adult" version of Kady Cross' Steampunk Chronicles artwork.

Tina Connolly debuted last year with her Jane Eyre-inspired fantasy Ironskin, about a beautiful woman, Jane, whose face has been marred by a grotesque iron mask, which keeps the powerful fey magic Jane has been infected with contained.

A victim of the Great War between fey and humans, Jane begins rebuilding her life by taking a job as a governess to a very unique child. Dorie was born half human, half fey, and must learn to control her fey abilities in order to integrate into human society. What Jane doesn't know is that Dorie's father, a popular artist, has a deep secret that could affect both her life and Dorie's.

According to the author's blog post revealing the new cover, Copperhead takes places six months after Ironskin ends, and the woman featured on the cover isn't Jane, it's her sister Helen. Jane stays with Helen and her husband for a period of time, and unlike Jane, Helen is shockingly beautiful and lives her life without the burden of a mask. Readers also meet Helen's husband, who comes off as emotionally abusive, making me think that their relationship will be a point of tension in Copperhead. We also learn that Helen's beauty may not be entirely natural and could have been influenced by the fey, which is something I think Connolly will expand on in her second book.

Looking at the cover, Helen certainly is gorgeous, with very pointed, fey-like features. She also has the same wispy, magical aura coming off of her that Jane does on the cover of Ironskin. But unlike Jane's cover, Helen is holding her mask rather than wearing it. And the look on her face is, well, more than slightly mysterious. She looks serious ... very serious. Whatever's on her mind, I'm sure we'll learn more once Copperhead is released!

Excited for Tina Connolly's second book Copperhead? We've got a bit of a wait since the fantasy novel won't be released until September. However, readers can pick up the series starter, Ironskin, which has been nominated for an RT Reviewers' Choice Award