Cover Chat: Corroded By Karina Cooper

Karina Cooper revealed the cover for the third novel in her awesome St. Croix Chronicles series, Corroded, yesterday, and I have to say with the series' transition from Avon to Carina, I was a little worried about what would happen to the gorgeous Cherry covers. All my worries about the cover art floated away when I saw it, because look at it! I actually think I like this cover slightly more than the previous covers. Cherry looks her age — a young 20-something, but not naive, lady — and the dark London alley behind her is exactly how I imagine London Below would look. This may be my favorite Cherry cover yet!

Corroded is still sitting atop my very large TBR pile (right next to Jim C. Hines' Codex Born. I'm really behind), but after the jaw dropping ending to Gilded, I imagine Cherry is going to strike back with a vengeance. I wasn't a fan of Cherry getting married, but that doesn't mean ... what happened had to happen! But it did, and I'm excited to see Cherry become more involved with the Menagerie and possibly grow closer to ringmaster Micajah Hawke, who I'm dying to learn more about.

I'd say if you haven't read the Cherry St. Croix books, start with Tarnished and read them in order, because the story is a continuing one and each book relies heavily on the last, although Cooper does a good job setting up Gilded for those who may not have read Tarnished. For those already invested in the series, the back cover blurb gives hints of what's to come:

My rival, a collector of bounties like myself, has murdered one of my own. In consequence, I have been removed from my house, my staff, and all who would support me. I have nowhere else to turn, so I beg asylum within the Midnight Menagerie, London’s decadent pleasure garden.

Micajah Hawke’s dominance there will not tolerate my presence for long. I am fixated on revenge, but I walk a razor’s edge under his scrutiny. His wicked power is not easily ignored, and I must not allow myself to submit — no matter how sweet the sacrifice.

Challenging my rival to a race is the only way to end this, no small task when the quarry is the murderous Jack the Ripper. As my enemies close in, I fear the consequences of this hunt. I am trapped between two killers, and what doesn’t kill me may leave its scars forever.

Sounds like readers can look forward to Cherry kicking some serious butt! Now excuse me while I go bury my nose in Corroded ....

What do you think of the cover of Corroded? Let me know in the comments! You can download a copy of Corroded, available digitally September 23. For more steampunk stories check out our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page.