Cover Chat: The Earl Is Mine By Kieran Kramer

It’s no secret that Kieran Kramer stole my heart with her cleverly titled 2010 debut When Harry Met Molly, and since then the author has penned not one, but four more stories of equal parts sweetness and hilarity. These are Regency romps in the finest sense of the phrase, but because of the fast-paced plot and witty dialogue, these books also appeal to contemporary romance fans. Clocking in with five RT Top Picks, Kramer is a must-read new author who keeps me at rapt attention.

In September the author will start on her second series, the House of Brady books, which are an homage to the '70s sitcom The Brady Bunch. (The concept has more than one of us here at RT wondering how the famous theme song would have sounded if it were played by historical instruments. Thankfully, I found this gem, which set our minds at ease. Am I the only one who can hear this wafting over the crowds at a Regency era ball?) In September, Loving Lady Marcia kicks off the collection about six Regency-era siblings from a blended family. However, for those fans who simply can’t wait to pick up the series starter, early this week the author dropped another piece of news that has me veritably frothing at the mouth — Kramer has just released the look of book two!

The Earl is Mine won’t be in stores until February 2013, but we’re already gushing over just how much fun this story will be. When Gregory Sherwood, Lord Westdale, falls head over heels for a woman who loves another man, this hero is pretty confident that he’ll never want anything to do with his heartbreaker’s accomplice, Pippa Harrington. Little does he know that all too soon he’ll be seeing Pippa in a new light. This spirited heroine needs Gregory’s (or will it be Greg’s?) help to flee to Paris rather than marry the man chosen by her guardians. There she plans to become an artist, but will their mutual seduction be her true masterpiece?

I am absolutely loving the bright red cover, and already have a few ideas of why this hue was chosen for The Earl is Mine.

1) Because this is what Gregory sees when Pippa helps his previous crush get together with someone else ...

2) Because it’s the color of passion — something this heroine has in spades.

3) Because a gal in a red dress pops in a crowded room like a book in a red cover pops on a crowded bookshelf!

After checking out this beautiful cover, I wanted to see what the author thought of her work's stunning exterior. Kieran Kramer told me that she is very excited about the red cover, as it is a move away from her previous books’ looks which have always been light and pastel. But the color isn’t the only part of this cover that is eye-catching (and say that whole phrase ten times fast). The other thing that has me dying to get my hands on this book is Pippa’s direct gaze. Looking out at us with a little grin, she is arresting (in the good way) and dare I say almost Mona Lisa-esque? So I was intrigued to learn that Kramer specifically requested Pippa’s mischievous look, proudly announcing that the historical woman is “ready for adventure!”

What do you think about this bright red cover and mysterious heroine? Let me know in the comments below. And tell me if you think that you’ll be picking up this new release when it is in stores on February 26, 2012! For more fantastic love stories visit our Everything Romance Page.