Cover Chat: Forged by Jennifer Rush (AKA The Novella With a Hot Guy On It)

If you follow me on Twitter or on my own personal blog, then you know I'm kind of obsessed with Jennifer Rush's Altered series. With its high-stakes action, secret government operations and swoon-worthy guys (yes, plural), what's not to love? Now, what makes this YA series even better is the fact that the books have rather lovely covers that not only tie into the stories inside, but are also incredibly sexy and lovely to stare at. And the latest cover in the series, for the upcoming novella "Forged," is no exception! Let's take a look:

First, let's just admire the shirtless guy for a moment.

Maybe we should take another moment, yeah?

Okay, now that we've sufficiently ogled, let's talk about the rest of the cover. I absolutely love the hot pink color of the title and how it really pops against the image's general black and white scheme. And the vertical position of the title and Jennifer's name add yet another eye-catching element.

So, fellow readers, what do you think? Are you as in love with this series as I am, and can't wait for the December 3 release of "Forged"? For more YA covers, visit our Everything Young Adult Page!