Cover Chat: Frost Burned By Patricia Briggs

It will have been two years since the last Mercy Thompson title hit the shelves when the seventh in the series, Frost Burned, is released in March 2013. Fans are rabid for news of the New York Times bestselling series and its fierce coyote-shifting heroine, Mercy. Since its inception in 2006 with Moon Called, author Patricia Briggs’ creation has thrilled readers and made its way up book lists.

With an enthralling character like Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson it’s easy to understand the appeal of the series. She’s the ultimate Ms. Fix-it: By day she’s a Volkswagen mechanic, but at night she’s usually taking care of whatever danger has crossed her path. Mercy’s a Native American who has the power to shift, at will, into the form of a coyote. In the series she’s taken on a number of otherworldly creatures, and her latest venture found her — finally! — married to her mate, handsome werewolf Adam.

But, as usual, things aren’t smooth sailing in Mercy’s little corner of Washington. Straight from the author’s website, we found this telling little tidbit:

“In this book Mercy goes shopping on Black Friday ... and while she's out the pack goes missing. Adam is hurt, and the pack is in hiding, and Christmas is coming. In other words, just another day in the life of Mercy Thompson.”

Just by looking at the recently released cover, we can tell that this is no big thing to Mercy. Her fiancé’s gone missing (abducted?), but she’s lounging on the fender of a busted-up Volkswagen. The back window has been smashed in, but Mercy doesn’t seem to care. Besides, as a mechanic she can probably replace that before you can blink. And that’s probably why she seems a bit nonchalant about Adam — Mercy (and we) knows that she can find him.

And hopefully her coyote-shifter blood is keeping her warm, because the whitewashed background of Frost Burned looks appropriately chilly for its December setting. Not that Mercy is dressed for colder climes. She’s wearing her usual figure and tattoo revealing type clothes, and, as always, the feather earrings we covet that are a nod to her Native American heritage.

In this cover it looks like Mercy’s grown into her own — she’s comfortable in her skin and she knows she can handle anything thrown her way. And, if someone in the book has abducted her man we’d even feel the teeniest bit sorry for him/her/it. Because, although she’s nicknamed after the concept, we don’t think she’ll be offering those who cross her any mercy.

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