Cover Chat: Haunted Moon By Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn is set to continue her Otherworld series — which is also known as The Sisters of the Moon series — with the upcoming Haunted Moon. And although the new novel doesn't hit shelves until January 2013, the author has just revealed the new book's look. And I have to say, this art is "conjuring" up the Eagles' "Witchy Woman" — which will now probably be stuck in my head all day. 

But let's get down to business, the Otherworld adventure started with 2006’s Witchling, which was an RT Top Pick! and was also nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice award that year. And the author has been keeping busy with the series ever since. Haunted Moon marks the sixteenth installment — and the 13th full-length novel. (If you haven’t read any of these books yet I urge you to check out Galenorn’s website for a comprehensive series overview and a slew of other series-related goodies!)

We know from Haunted Moon’s back cover blurb that this novel features returning heroine Camille D’Artigo in a leading role as she tries to juggle her duties at work and at home. And even though this witch is only half-Fae, it seems like her life is all trouble! At her job as an Operative for Earthside’s Otherworld Intelligence Agency, she’s got her hands full with her new duties as a liaison to a new Fae sorcerer, hunting down a missing Fae noble woman and in Morio’s company, undergoing a ritual that will send her into the world of the dead.

One look at cover shows that no matter what the world(s) throw at Camille, this is a witch who means business. I really like that this cover is in keeping with the Camille that we’ve seen all the way through the series, long hair flowing and rocking those Michelle Obama-arms. But I think it’s excellent that we’re finally getting a look at the heroine face-on and in motion. She’s clearly taking action, striding through the forest like she’s got places to go and butts to kick. And just a glance at her ultra-femme attire makes it clear why Camille has not one but three husbands!

But it’s also worth noting that Haunted Moon’s cover art is the first time the series’ two cover styles have been blended. The first eight books all featured some sort of circular design in the background and covers ten through twelve each had a feature creature element prominent in the art. However, cover number thirteen unites these styles with the circular designs radiating into the foreground and the foxy Morio in the background, but still very prominent in the artwork. It's a move to integrate the two styles and one that I certainly appreciate!

The entire cover has me thinking "pick up this book and you'll be in for an adventure helmed by a strong-willed heroine" —  exactly what I want the art for Haunted Moon to say. Anyone who knows this series knows that that's exactly what Galenorn's books are about  — and anyone who doesn't know this series should pick up this book when it hits shelves next year!

Haunted Moon will be released on January 29, 2013. So I want to know, what do you think of the latest Otherworld cover?