Cover Chat: Jaci Burton's Hope Flames

Jaci Burton is known for writing ultra sexy erotic romance. (If you haven't read her phenomenal Play-By-Play series, what are you waiting for?!?) However, soon readers will be getting to see another side of the bestselling author.

This fall, Jaci will begin a new small town, contemporary romance series called Hope. Yesterday on her website, the author gave readers a sneak peek at the cover for Book 1, Hope Flames, and boy did it get our attention! With the author's help, we are going to break down exactly what we are seeing on this deliciously muscled chest ... umm, we me book cover. This delicious book cover. 

The muscle-bound hunk with the dimpled chin, that’s hero Luke McCormack. What we know about him — he’s a divorced local police officer, which makes it a pretty sure bet we will be getting some serious alpha protectiveness out of this character. So it’s a good thing that he is in such obviously great shape. (There's nothing like a big, strong man to chase away the bad guys!) Jaci told us that keeping that bod in top form means lots of time at the gym, plus going on runs with his dog, Boomer. 

This man's best friend is the giant German Shepherd, Boomer — quite an apropos name for a dog living in Oklahoma, the Sooner state. This animal is no ordinary pet, he is a K9 cop that always has Luke's back. From the book's cover, it is obvious that Boomer is going to be an important part of Hope Flames, so we asked the author what made her decide to incorporate the dog in such a big way.

I love animals, and when I created the character of Luke, and matched him up with the heroine who is a veterinarian, I wanted Luke to have a pet, too. And then I thought, wow, wouldn't it be great if Luke was a K9 cop? He and Boomer could work cases together.

And one of these cases is Emma Burnett. Returning to her hometown, Emma is ready to set up her veterinary practice. But when some break-ins put Emma in danger, Luke and Boomer are the first ones there to keep her safe — safe from the criminal, that is. Just one look at Luke puts Emma in danger of losing her head over this amazing guy. But Emma is very focused on her business and she is not looking for love, especially since she has been burned in the past by a man. So what is it about the hunky cop that makes Emma consider a second chance at love? The author told us: 

Luke lets Emma be herself. He doesn't try to change her, because he likes who she is. She's fun, independent, and fiercely loyal. That makes Luke different from the last man she had a relationship with. She can trust him and depend on him to be there for her. And even though she doesn't want to have a relationship, there's something about Luke that trips all her buttons. And what starts out as a friendship quickly moves into something much more. There's a hot chemistry between them that can't be denied.

If anyone knows chemistry, it is Jaci Burton, so we are expecting some amazing heat from this series starter, which will release September 3.

Hope Flames, the first in Jaci Burton's Hope series is available for pre-order now. Will you be following the author from her erotic stories to this small town romance? Let us know in the comments below. And for more information on contemporary reads, make sure to check out our Everything Romance Page