Cover Chat: Jennifer L. Armentrout's Apollyon

Bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout's heart-stopping YA tales of love and adventure have been creating a buzz, and YA fans are eating up her books faster than she can put them out! The author releases the fourth in her Covenant series, Elixir, at the end of November, but fans of the series are already pining for the series' fifth book, Apollyon, which is slotted to hit shelves in April 2013.

The author recently released the cover of Apollyon, which continues her paranormal series about seventeen-year-old Alexandria, a Hematoi half-blood who is crushing on a pure Hematoi and relationships between half-bloods and pures are strictly forbidden. Not only that, but Alex doesn't have a much of a bright future as a half-blood. She can either train to become a sentinel and spend her life hunting daimons, or act as a servant in the home of a pure-blood. Choosing to train as a sentinel, Alex enters the Covenant to become acquainted with the art of daimon killing. However, slaying daimons isn't the only thing on Alex's mind. While at the Covenant she meets full-blood Aiden, and although she's banned from starting a relationship with the stunning Hematoi, the two can't help but grow closer. Together, they fight for their love against the gods and face criticism from the Council. But they know one thing is for certain: Nothing is getting in between the two, even if it means Aiden has to start a full-on war with his own people.

The covers of Armentrout's Covenant series so far have all followed a similar theme. They all have one distinct color scheme and a single flower on the cover, usually surrounded by some sort of element. The flowers that adorned the first three books in the series (and the prequel) were all surrounded by a different color of smoke, but starting with book four, it looks like elements are coming in to play. A Lily made up of water graced the cover of Elixir, and it looks like Apollyon will feature fire. This has us thinking that perhaps fire will play a central theme in this story, or maybe a certain character with pyrokinesis or the ability to throw flames might pop up.

There's no official blurb yet for Apollyon, so we can only speculate about what's next for Aiden and Alex. We do know one thing is for certain, and that's YA fans should already have April 9th, 2013 circled on their calendars because the release date for Apollyon can't come soon enough!

You can expect Apollyon to hit stores April 9, 2013. And Armentrout's fifth Covenant book, Elixir, will be available November 27. Want more YA coverage? Head over to our Everything Young Adult Page!